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The electrifying world of programmable power systems naturally generates a whole host of stories which readers find pulsating.  

A selection of updates about ETPS products, projects, sponsorships and any exhibitions we will be attending can be found below.

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Safety Discharge Circuit Option

A safety discharge circuit (option /XCD) is now available for unidirectional LAB-TC and bidirectional LAB-GSS DC power systems. This removes a residual voltage hazard from the module within 1s, should the plug be accidentally removed while the power system is energised. Read more

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Four Quadrant Systems for EMC Testing

Are you looking to build inhouse EMC test capability? Are you tired of waiting for test space to become available at compliance laboratories? Then new options for our four quadrant EAC-ACS-4Q power systems could be the perfect solution. Read more

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Platinum Jubilee Closing Hours

ETPS Ltd will close for the Platinum Jubilee on Wednesday 1st June at 17:00 BST. We re-open on Monday 6th June at 08:00. If you have an enquiry during this period, please use the form on the contact us page or email Read more

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NIM High Voltage Range Launch

Our new NHR modules have been released. Each multi-channel high voltage power supply is built into a 1/12 NIM standard cassette format. High precision models are available which provide measurement into the picoamp range. Read more

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New Grid Simulator Range

Our four quadrant grid simulators range has now been launched, with both single and three phase models available. Modular systems up to 1MVA are possible with a specialist GridSim GUI to test relevant grid feed-in regulations. Read more

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Loughborough University Interview

Loughborough University's Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) are currently researching Battolysers. These are combined battery and electrolysers. The ETPS team managed to catch up for a quick chat about their work. Read more

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2022 Easter Closing Hours

ETPS Ltd will close for Easter on Thursday 14th April at 17:00 BST. We re-open on Tuesday 19th April at 08:00. If you have an enquiry during this period, please use the form on the contact us page or email Read more

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Programmable Power Systems Donation

As part of our commitment to ensuring tomorrow’s engineers have the tools to learn today, ETPS recently donated several programmable DC power systems and DC-AC inverters to Loughborough University. Read more

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New Multi-Channel Bidirectional Models

Do you regularly need to perform back-to-back testing on batteries or electric drives? Perhaps you have a limited mains infrastructure which is restricting your test capabilities? Then we could have the perfect solution. Read more

Our Power Systems

Programmable Power Systems

Our programmable power systems can simulate virtually any power feeding or consuming condition within a test set-up, so that individual components can be optimised. A wide range of AC/DC power, voltage and current outputs are available. Both unidirectional and bidirectional models are offered as standard.

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Fixed Output Power

Due to their robust build, our fixed output power systems are trusted across many industries where manual control of output current and voltage isn’t required. Single phase, three phase and DC inputs are all available. Hot swappable modules are possible, as well as n+1 configurations.

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Rental Power Systems

We maintain a range of rental systems which provide solutions to short term, urgent or unusual test requirements. Programmable power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional PSUs are all available. The range covers both AC and DC voltage, current and power requirements.

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