11th April 2023

Ex-Demo 65V Bidirectional DC Module

Do you have an urgent low voltage/high current bidirectional DC test requirement? Then we may have the perfect solution.

LAB-GSS 32-65 Specification PointsAn ex-demo LAB-GSS 32-65 bidirectional DC power system has become available to purchase. The module has operating ranges of 0 to 65Vdc (source), 6 to 65Vdc (sink), 0 to ±600A, ±32kW max.

The unit's extensive feature set includes adjustable internal resistance, programmable PID parameters and an integrated safety relay for linking out to an external safety system. USB, RS‑232 and analogue interfaces are provided for remote control. An inbuilt recording scope is available through the operating software, which allows up to 8 system variables to be recorded simultaneously.

A selection of application specific GUIs are provided as standard with the module including:

  • BatSim – Emulates different sized battery stacks with standard or custom characteristics.
  • BatControl – For cycling battery packs and logging data. It also provides the capability to implement standard, recorded or bespoke drive cycles.
  • CapSim – Simulates the charge and discharging action of standard and super capacitors.
  • TFE – Embedded function generator enabling V, I and W to be set against time. V/I and V/W relationships can also be programmed.

As with all of our ex-demo units, a 3 month warranty is provided as standard.

We also have a range of ex-demo unidirectional sinks and sources available, which are listed below. Only a limited number of units are available on a first come first served basis. Lead times are typically 1 week from order acceptance.

So if you have an outstanding requirement, contact us today.

DC Sources

Resistive DC Discharger      

  • DDU-30-1000 (33kW / 1000Vdc / 33A)

DC Electronic Loads    

  • ELP-34105 (5kW / 0.7 to 60Vdc / 0 to 1000A)
  • ELP-3370 (5kW / 0.7 to 60Vdc / 0 to 1000A)

AC Sources


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