13th January 2023

Ex-Demo Power Systems

Do you have an urgent power test requirement? Are you looking to save on capital costs for an upcoming project? Then we may have the perfect solution. A selection of ex-demo and rental units are being offered at a discounted rate.

1000V/33A/33kW Resistive DC Discharger
1000V/33A/33kW Resistive DC Discharger

Among the systems offered is a special 2kW LAB-TC DC source with embedded function generator. V/I and V/P relationships can be programmed, allowing users to create almost any DC waveform. The module has an extensive feature set which includes an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope and adjustable internal resistance.

A high voltage mobile resistive DC load is available, which can operate from a generator. Perfect for sites with limited or no mains. The 33kW unit has a 0 to 1000V user adjustable voltage threshold for automatic disconnection, ensuring there is no damaging deep discharge of battery packs. Monitoring is provided of for the unit’s temperature, DC disconnectors, fans, as well as the voltage. An Ethernet interface is provided which replicates the front panel display.

Several specialist AC sources are offered. The EAC-STT has a nominal output of 3 × 15kVA with fixed frequency of 400Hz, making it ideal for researching aerospace applications. The unit also has a high peak current capability for testing motor type loads (3 x 195A for up to 2ms and 3 x 97A up to 3 seconds). A 270VA EAC-5302A unit is also available with inbuilt power analyser.

20V/76A/1.5kW DC Source
20V/76A/1.5kW DC Source

Each ex-demo unit is provided with a 3 month warranty as standard. Information about the age and installed options of a specific system is available on request. Lead times are typically 1 week from order acceptance, which is ideal if you have an urgent project.

Only a limited number of units are available on a first come first served basis. The full list is detailed below. So if you have an outstanding requirement then contact us today.

DC Sources

Resistive DC Discharger      

  • DDU-30-1000 (33kW / 1000Vdc / 33A)

DC Electronic Loads    

  • ELP-34105 (5kW / 0.7 to 60Vdc / 0 to 1000A)
  • ELP-3370 (5kW / 0.7 to 60Vdc / 0 to 1000A)

AC Sources


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