Fixed Output Power

Thousands of ETPS products are used around the world every day in businesses of all sizes. Our selection of highly reliable fixed output systems ensures critical electrical equipment stays switched on, always.

Armed with the knowledge and experience to overcome technical challenges, the ETPS workforce will engineer the right product for your project. A wide range of AC/DC power, voltage and current outputs are available to meet virtually any requirement. Both single phase and three phase inputs are available, as well as DC. 

Due to their robust build, our fixed output power systems are trusted across many industries where failure is not an option. Hot swappable modules are possible, as well as n+1 configurations. Typical applications range from powering production lines and substation backups, to providing voltage conversion for rail and telecoms.

Many vehicles and ships require highly reliable PSUs to power critical electrical equipment. On request ETPS will provide mechanical modifications to protect power systems against shock, vibration and humidity. Output values, ramp profiles, voltage polarity, input range and response times can also be tailored to meet a specific requirement.

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Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are available which support a variety of cell chemistries including Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and lead acid. Industrial chargers with temperature compensation are possible at a variety of voltage levels and output powers.

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DC-AC Inverters

Our DC-AC power inverters are provided in a variety of different case styles from wall-mount and benchtop to modules, cassettes and 19" racks. Every unit provides a true sinewave output at 115VAC or 230VAC. Systems start at 125VA, with high power redundant and modular configurations possible. Ruggedised versions for ship and rail applications are available. Stand-alone units are complimented by DC-AC inverters with inbuilt bypasses.

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DC-DC Converters

We provide a selection of unidirectional and bidirectional DC-DC power converters. A broad choice of voltage input levels are possible, with wide ranges up to ±40% of the nominal. Small footprints, high conversion efficiencies and floating outputs are common throughout the range. Certain models feature a user programmable output so that they can be optimised for specific applications. Rail approved and industrial converters are present within the range. Isolated versions are available to charge ultra-capacitors and batteries.

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Our selection of fixed output rectifiers start at 250W, rising into the kilowatt range. A whole host of features are available, such as a UPS for protection against brownouts, inverter modules for running AC devices, additional AC inputs with automatic switchover and hot swap modules to provide a redundant DC output. We supply many models which are specifically aimed at telecoms applications. All common voltage levels are catered for. High MTBF and wide operating temperatures feature throughout the range.

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