Specialist Test Systems

We specialise in AC and DC test equipment for complex research applications. Our power systems include energy storage emulators, grid simulators and battery/capacitor cyclers.

A selection of applications GUIs are available for each application, programming the hardware to replicate real world behaviours of power components. This allows specific sections of a circuit to be isolated and researched in a controlled environment. Other advantages include reduced operator errors and preparation time, as well as increased reproducibility.

For users who need to test battery powered components, our G5-BATSIM modular battery emulators are ideal. The system’s software features programmable variables such as number of cells in series/parallel, state of charge, energy capacity, cut off limits, chemistry type and nominal voltage.

Should you need to test batteries at a site with limited grid infrastructure, the multichannel LAB-MOBI is the perfect choice. The battery cycler can transfer energy within its internal DC link above its nominal grid-tie. For example, selected 2 channel 250kW systems are able to cycle 1MW between channels when performing back-to-back testing.

Our grid simulators can replicate different worldwide mains conditions. The modular EAC-ACS-4Q is ideal for complex research, as it’s independently programmable phases allow virtually any power condition to be created. A selection of software is available including a Fourier tool, grid simulation GUI and an RLC load mode.

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Battery Emulators

Our battery emulators form a bidirectional DC circuit with the device under test, replicating the real world behaviour of batteries. Hard to reproduce operational states are programmable, such as voltage cranking during the cold start of a motor. Automated test procedures can be run at the push of a button. Integration of selected models into wider real time PHIL controllers is possible.

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Battery Cyclers

Battery cyclers are available from low powers and voltages up to 3kV/5MW. Covering a wide range of industries from automotive and renewable energy storage, to higher voltage aerospace and marine packs. A variety of areas can be investigated including lifetime tests and performance degradation analysis. Abuse tests such as over-voltage, over-charging and forced discharge can also be conducted.

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Grid Simulators

Every grid simulator from ETPS provides 4 quadrant operation, with the ability to both sink and source AC power. High power single and three phase systems both feature in the range. For more advanced requirements, a GUI is available which allows tests to be programmed for grid feed-in regulations including: CENELEC, DIN & IEC.

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