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The electrifying world of programmable power systems naturally generates a whole host of stories which readers find pulsating.  

A selection of updates about ETPS products, projects, sponsorships and any exhibitions we will be attending can be found below.

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Free DC Source Software

All new LAP-HP (3-504kW) and LAB-SMP (1.2-2.4kW) DC sources are now provided with free operating software. Live values of the power systems can be viewed remotely in a simple and intuitive way. Read more

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Flight Case Integrations

Do you regularly need to reconfigure your test cells? Are you tired of having to move around heavy programmable power equipment onsite? Then our flight case integrations provide a simple and convenient solution. Read more

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Our range of rental power systems has continued to expand, with a new 192kW LAB-GSS bidirectional system. With the ability to source or sink DC power up to ±480A or 1500V, this system is particularly useful for cycling and emulating battery packs. Read more

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Hydrogen Fuelled

Bloodhound LSR have announced they are going to attempt their land speed record using a zero-emissions rocket fuelled by hydrogen peroxide. Read more

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Characterising Magnets

To set them poles apart from the competition, Durham University needed the best test equipment available when characterising magnets. Read more

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Powering Smart Grid Research

When researching second life battery packs, WMG at the University of Warwick needed a DC-DC power system to help convert their goals into reality. Read more

Our Power Systems

Programmable Power Systems

Our programmable power systems can simulate virtually any power feeding or consuming condition within a test set-up, so that individual components can be optimised. A wide range of AC/DC power, voltage and current outputs are available. Both unidirectional and bidirectional models are offered as standard.

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Fixed Output Power

Due to their robust build, our fixed output power systems are trusted across many industries where manual control of output current and voltage isn’t required. Single phase, three phase and DC inputs are all available. Hot swappable modules are possible, as well as n+1 configurations.

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Rental Power Systems

We maintain a range of rental systems which provide solutions to short term, urgent or unusual test requirements. Programmable power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional PSUs are all available. The range covers both AC and DC voltage, current and power requirements.

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