20th July 2023


Do you need to test your LV power distribution systems are resilient against the effects of high impedance faults? Perhaps you need to accurately simulate phase failures or short-term grid interruptions? Then we could have the perfect solution.

GridSim software for EAC-ACS-4Q modular four quadrant power systems now features a high-impedance setting. This can be used to decouple the load connection from the module’s power stage. Allowing phase failures or short-term interruptions to be simulated, for individual phases or the entire three phase grid. An example of a single phase failure is provided below:

High Impedance Mode Screenshot

  • 1. The High Impedance function is programmed for a single phase. The position of the phase failure on the time axis is freely selectable, with a maximum resolution of 12.5μs.
  • 2. The preview window visualises the phase failure. Providing users with the ability to check pre-programmed blocks and sequences are correct before starting the simulation. The preview shows the behavior of a resistive load.
  • 3. The schematic diagram shows users how the wiring between the EAC-ACS-4Q and DUT should be carried out, based on the selected phase connection.

The GridSim software also features a Fourier tool that can recreate virtually any conceivable periodic waveform. Superimposed harmonic and inter-harmonic voltages are programmable up to 5000Hz. Individual waveforms, as well as the final synthesised waveform, are represented graphically within the software. Non-periodic waveforms such as voltage ramps, DC straight lines, step curves and exponential curves can also be programmed within the software.

Each EAC-ACS-4Q is a modular grid emulator with full 4 quadrant operation. Modules can sink and source both AC and DC power. All three of the unit's phases are individually programmable for voltage, frequency, phase angles, and superimposed harmonics. An RLC load mode and EMC test software are optionally available. Modules start at 30kVA, with configurations to 2.5MVA possible. To find out more, contact ETPS today.


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