26th June 2023

New High Current DC Power Supplies

Do you regularly need to perform short-circuit trials? Perhaps your research requires you to implement a 10kHz ripple for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) testing? Maybe you need a precision power supply to provide high current pulses for an electromagnet? Our new high current DC sources could help your test schedule surge ahead.

G5-SOURCE-HC modules are available from 60Vdc SELV models starting at 9kW/338A, ranging up to 54kW/2028A units in power dense 10U rackmounting cases. This is in addition to the existing high voltage range, where outputs up to 3000Vdc are possible into the megawatt range.

G5-SOURCE-HC: Key Features

  • G5-SOURCE-HCOutput currents up to 2028A per module/89kA per system
  • Two current ranges for high accuracy
  • Programmable ripple to 10kHz
  • Ultra-fast dynamic behaviour
  • Mixed power nominals in master-slave

With two current ranges for high accuracy, the G5-SOURCE-HC is ideal for testing low voltage energy storage devices. Each module’s ultra-fast dynamics with switchable capacitance also allows accurate simulation of batteries and capacitors. A power step between 0% and 90% of the unit's nominal value can be as quick as 50us, enabling high speed drives to be supplied.

An embedded function generator enables V/I and V/W relationships to be programmed against time, to accurately simulate a discharging fuel cell. The function generator allows virtually any complex DC waveform to be created.

Among the product's features is the ability to implement a programmable ripple, allowing an AC ripple on a DC battery link to be recreated. Users can set a current ripple at up to 10kHz. The magnitude can be up to 5% of the nominal system current. Depending on the impedance of the DUT the resulting voltage ripple can be calculated. This feature is particularly useful for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) research.

Testing Using a 12kA G5-SOURCE-HC System
Testing Using a 12kA G5-SOURCE-HC System

Modules can be arranged in series, parallel or matrix configurations. Multi-module systems based around a centre tapped earth are possible, creating a +/- voltage output. Ideal for testing power systems used in ships and aircrafts.

Each unit has an extensive feature set which includes programmable PI parameters and an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope. Adjustable power and resistance limits are provided, as well as a selection of remote control options including high-speed CAN.

To discuss how the G5-SOURCE-HC can surge your testing schedule ahead, contact ETPS today.


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