Rental Power Systems

Our rental units are the perfect temporary fix for any project, with a wide variety of programmable power supplies and electronic loads available.

Using a rental unit can reduce your capital expenditure dramatically, with hire periods starting from one week up to as long as you need it. The range covers both AC and DC voltage, current and power requirements.

Our positive people are highly experienced at providing one-off rental units for bespoke technical requirements. We can also pre-configure your equipment to perform for a specific test routine, so all you need to do is switch on and go. Specialist systems which have dedicated software pre-installed are available to allow you to test compliance against industry standards. ETPS can also provide on-site training and product orientation if you need it.

In the event that your critical power system ever breaks down, our team can quickly try to source a solution tailored to your needs and deliver it the next day. That way, your business and its testing schedule will never be disrupted and your project will always be on time.

Choose from our test equipment below or contact us for a temporary solution based on the needs of your project.

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Did you know...

  • We also provide a selection of new programmable power systems.
  • A function generator is available with selected systems which allows complex DC waveforms to be programmed.
  • Battery and capacitor simulation GUIs can be provided with our bidirectional systems to simplify test set-up. Electric drive and battery cycling GUIs are also available.
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Bidirectional DC

Our bidirectional power systems operate as either a programmable DC source or DC load. Both high current and high voltage models are available. Application GUIs can be provided to perform electric drive and battery cycling tests, as well as PV simulation and battery emulation.

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DC Sources

We provide one of the most comprehensive DC source rental ranges on the market. There is a wide selection of programmable current, voltage and power outputs to choose from. Features such as constant power and adjustable resistance are provided with selected models.

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DC Electronic Loads

A DC electronic load mimics real world operating conditions for a whole variety of applications. To simulate complex loads, rise and fall time can be adjusted together with the time. Both power recycling and fully dynamic models are available.

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AC Sources

Single phase AC sources are available up to 1500VA. The power supplies are ideal for simulating real world grid conditions. Common waveforms are often pre-installed, with the ability to edit V and I parameters. Selected models will operate from low DC frequencies up to 500Hz.

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AC Electronic Loads

Each one of our AC loads is installed with a bank of 55 common waveforms, containing crest factor variations which replicate high current peaks. Adjustable power factor enables leading and lagging current down to 0.3. All of our AC Loads can also be operated as DC Loads.

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High Voltage Power

We offer a range of highly precise laboratory units up to 20kVDC. Both negative and positive polarity outputs are available. Due to their exceptional technical features, our high voltage units are commonly used in nuclear and high energy physics applications.

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