Compact High Current DC Load


Compact High Current DC Load

This 60V range comprises of models from 5kW to 40kW. All units can operate in CC, CV, CR, CP, CV+CC, CV+CP, MPPT, dynamic and short modes.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 5kW 0 to 320kW This maximum is achieved by using units in master-slave.
Voltage: 0.7 to 60VDC 0.7 to 60VDC
Current: 0 to 1000A 0 to 8000A This maximum is achieved by using units in master-slave.
Standard Control:HMI
Optional Control:Ethernet, IEEE 488.2, RS-232, USB

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Product Information

This range of high power electronic loads provides a high current sink capability of 1000Amps from 0.7VDC.

These units have two load ranges one at 0-100A and the other at 100-1000A with auto crossover in CC mode. The range comprises of 8 models from 5kW to 40kW. The current Slew Rate is adjustable for both ranges and to aid production testing to a pre-set value the unit is equipped with a GO/NG indicator.

  • 9 Different Operating Modes as Standard
  • Single Key OCP and OPP Test Function
  • AC Input 115/230VAC Selectable
  • Protection for OV, OC, OP and OT
  • Simultaneous V, I and W Display
  • High Current Sink at 1000A

Technical Specifications

Modularity (Master/Slave)

Operating Ranges and Features

Operating Modes

Interfaces and Control

Rental Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 1Current Range 2
ELP-341055kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3411010kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3411515kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3412020kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3412525kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3413030kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3413535kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add
ELP-3414040kW0.7 - 60VDC0 - 100A0 - 1000A Add

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