LED Driver Testing Load


LED Driver Testing Load

A specialised LED mode is provided to test LED drivers and power supplies. The load can also be used to simulate a single LED, or a string containing up to 90 LEDs.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 150W 0 to 300W
Voltage: 3 to 300VDC 6 to 500VDC
Current: 0 to 6A 0 to 24A
Standard Control:HMI
Optional Control:Ethernet, IEEE 488.2, RS-232, USB

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Product Information

The ELP-3340G series of DC loads feature a dedicated LED simulation mode. This is in addition to the standard constant current, resistance, voltage and power operating modes.

A full dynamic mode is also provided. This allows the unit to simulate real world load conditions by switching between current levels and adjusting the rise and fall times.

  • Control Signal for TRIAC and PWM Dimming Test
  • LED Forward Bias and Resistance Simulation
  • CC, CR, CV, CP, LED and Dynamic Mode
  • Short Circuit, OCP and OPP Tests

Technical Specifications

Operating Ranges and Features

 Operating Modes

Form Factor and Enclosures

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Product Applications

Selection Table

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
ELP-3341G300W3 - 300VDC0 - 24A Add
ELP-3342G300W6 - 500VDC0 - 12A Add
ELP-3343G300W6 - 500VDC0 - 24A Add
ELP-33401G2 * 150W4 - 500VDC0 - 6A Add

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