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High Power DC Sources

High power DC power supplies are our speciality. We offer programmable laboratory units along with DC sources that are more often found in industrial applications. The LAB-ACO and LAB-IGBT product families are particularly popular in water treatment processes or where simple and reliable bulk DC power is required. These DC sources can provide high currents of up to 50kA. They are particularly cost effective where batch builds are required.

For more exacting users who need a high quality of current then the LAB-HPP and LAB-TCH ranges are the first choices. The high power densities of both designs are particularly impressive. For example 60kW of programmable power takes just 12U of rack space.

We can provide systems up to 3MW using the LAB-TC power modules as the base. This modular approach provides a great deal of flexibility and future proofing by allowing high power systems to be easily reconfigured or split. Naturally your chosen power supply can be built with a variety of analogue and/or computer interfaces. Application specific hardware and software options are available including solar array simulation.

High power stacks up to 256kW are detailed in the LAB-TCH product family. Identical stacks can be operated in parallel. Currently 1200Vdc is the highest voltage from a standard module.

Please do contact us if you need the voltage range to be increased as a 'modified' or bespoke approach may be possible. On request high power bidirectional current sink/source systems and low frequency bipolar systems can be provided.

Did you know...
  • Our bidirectional sink/source systems with mains recycling are available, enabling the recycling of sink energy back to the three-phase mains.
  • The LAB-TCH racks incorporate a 4-channel recording scope function as standard.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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