Compact 1U Switch Mode Power Supply


Compact 1U Switch Mode Power Supply

Each LAB-SMP features constant voltage, power, resistance and current operating modes. A dedicated PV simulation mode is also standard.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 1.2kW 0 to 2.4kW
Voltage: 0 to 15V 0 to 1200V
Current: 0 to 1A 0 to 160A
Standard Control:HMI, Isolated Analogue, RS-232
Optional Control:Ethernet, IEEE 488.2, RS-485, SD Card, USB

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Product Information

The LAB-SMP series of laboratory DC Sources provides power outputs up to 2.4kW. A wide array of voltage and current ranges are available at each power rating.

Each unit comes with front panel LCD screens as standard. The voltage and current outputs can be be preset and read before applying them to the load.

  • Analogue and Computer Interfaces
  • CV, CC, CP and CR Operating Modes
  • Both Current and Voltage Presets
  • User Programmable Waveforms
  • Extremely Compact 1U Design
  • Free Operating GUI

Technical Specifications

Modularity (Master/Slave)

Operating Ranges and Features

Operating Modes


Interfaces and Control

Software/Soft Tools


Safety and Protection

Form Factor and Enclosures

Rental Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table


LAB-SMP 1151.2kW0 to 15V0 to 80A1U Add
LAB-SMP 1351.2kW0 to 35V0 to 35A1U Add
LAB-SMP 1451.2kW0 to 45V0 to 30A1U Add
LAB-SMP 1701.2kW0 to 70V0 to 20A1U Add
LAB-SMP 11501.2kW0 to 150V0 to 8A1U Add
LAB-SMP 13001.2kW0 to 300V0 to 4A1U Add
LAB-SMP 16001.2kW0 to 600V0 to 2A1U Add
LAB-SMP 112001.2kW0 to 1200V0 to 1A1U Add


LAB-SMP 2152.4kW0 to 15V0 to 160A2U Add
LAB-SMP 2352.4kW0 to 35V0 to 68A1U Add
LAB-SMP 2452.4kW0 to 45V0 to 53A1U Add
LAB-SMP 2702.4kW0 to 70V0 to 34A1U Add
LAB-SMP 21502.4kW0 to 150V0 to 16A1U Add
LAB-SMP 23002.4kW0 to 300V0 to 8A1U Add
LAB-SMP 26002.4kW0 to 600V0 to 4A1U Add
LAB-SMP 212002.4kW0 to 1200V0 to 2A2U Add

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