Benchtop DC Power Supply


Benchtop DC Power Supply

Benchtop LAB-DSPH units are provided feature outputs of either 750W or 1.5kW. 15 different models are available at each power level.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 750W 0 to 1.5kW
Voltage: 0 to 6V 0 to 600V
Current: 0 to 1.25A 0 to 200A
Standard Control:HMI, Analogue, IEEE 488.2, RS-485
Optional Control:Ethernet, Isolated Analogue

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Product Information

The LAB-DSPH units are packaged in a convenient benchtop case with outputs of either 750W or 1.5kW. 15 different models are available at each power level. 

All units operate from a single phase wide AC input with active PFC. Adjustable over-current and over-voltage protection help to ensure these units can be used with sensitive loads.

  • RS-485 and Analogue as Standard
  • 16 Bit Setting and Measurement    
  • Configurable OCP and OVP
  • Adjustable Voltage Ramp
  • CV/CC Operating Modes
  • Low Ripple and Noise

Technical Specifications

Modularity (Master/Slave)

Interfaces and Control

Software/Soft Tools

Form Factor and Enclosures

Rental Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table

750W Models

LAB-DSPH 006-100750W0 - 6V0 - 100A Add
LAB-DSPH 008-090750W0 - 8V0 - 90A Add
LAB-DSPH 012.5-060750W0 - 12.5V0 - 60A Add
LAB-DSPH 020-038750W0 - 20V0 - 38A Add
LAB-DSPH 030-025750W0 - 30V0 - 25A Add
LAB-DSPH 040-019750W0 - 40V0 - 19A Add
LAB-DSPH 050-015750W0 - 50V0 - 15A Add
LAB-DSPH 060-12.5750W0 - 60V0 - 12.5A Add
LAB-DSPH 080-09.5750W0 - 80V0 - 9.5A Add
LAB-DSPH 100-07.5750W0 - 100V0 - 7.5A Add
LAB-DSPH 150-005750W0 - 150V0 - 5A Add
LAB-DSPH 300-02.5750W0 - 300V0 - 2.5A Add
LAB-DSPH 350-02.1750W0 - 350V0 - 2.1A Add
LAB-DSPH 450-01.7750W0 - 450V0 - 1.7A Add
LAB-DSPH 600-01.25750W0 - 600V0 - 1.25A Add

1500W Models

LAB-DSPH 006-2001500W0 - 6V0 - 200A Add
LAB-DSPH 008-1801500W0 - 8V0 - 180A Add
LAB-DSPH 012.5-1201500W0 - 12V0 - 120A Add
LAB-DSPH 020-0761500W0 - 20V0 - 76A Add
LAB-DSPH 030-0501500W0 - 30V0 - 50A Add
LAB-DSPH 040-0381500W0 - 40V0 - 38A Add
LAB-DSPH 050-0301500W0 - 50V0 - 30A Add
LAB-DSPH 060-0251500W0 - 60V0 - 25A Add
LAB-DSPH 080-0191500W0 - 80V0 - 19A Add
LAB-DSPH 100-0151500W0 - 100V0 - 15A Add
LAB-DSPH 150-0101500W0 - 150V0 - 10A Add
LAB-DSPH 300-0051500W0 - 300V0 - 5A Add
LAB-DSPH 350-04.21500W0 - 350V0 - 4.2A Add
LAB-DSPH 450-03.41500W0 - 450V0 - 3.4A Add
LAB-DSPH 600-02.51500W0 - 600V0 - 2.5A Add

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