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DC Electronic Loads

An adjustable electronic load gives the test engineer the ability to qualify designs, check production batches or service and repair electrical products. Many applications demand an adjustable electronic load. These include the burn-in of new devices along with general power supply, battery, fuel cell and generator testing.

Both static and fully dynamic DC loads are offered. With dynamic functionality 2 levels of load current can be set. The rise and fall time can then be adjusted together with the time period spent at each level. The load can also be made to follow complex waveforms by tracking an external arbitrary oscillator input.

Like nearly all the test and power instruments from ETPS your chosen DC load can be built with analogue and computer interfaces to allow remote operation. LabVIEW drivers are available for most product families to simplify assimilation into wider test systems.

Did you know...
  • Our LAB-GSS system is capable of acting as a DC load or DC source. A smooth transition through zero, regeneration of load to the mains and the ability to mount it in a portable flight-case make it ideal for mobile or varied DC power testing.
  • 2 quadrant bidirectional systems ideal for drive system testing are available.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
Hover over the chart or table to see the available ranges.

ELP-3310F ELP-3330F ELP-3340G ELP-3350F ELP-33500F ELP-3360F ELP-3360PF ELP-34105 ELP-34205 ELP-34305 ELP-SL ELP-SLM ELP-GXS

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