13th November 2020

DC Sources up to 1950V

The LAB-AUTO series now features models with nominal voltages up to 1950V, at powers up to 18kW. The new models are ideal for testing high voltage energy storage devices and renewables under varying conditions.LAB-AUTO DC Source

An extensive feature set includes constant voltage, current and power modes. A programmable internal resistance range is also provided as standard. Over and under V/I limits can be adjusted for sensitive loads.

Control of the power supply is possible via a large touch screen, as well as analogue knobs. A LAN interface allows for remote control, with isolated analogue optionally available.Operating software is provided to set and monitor live values. A sequencing function is also available so that the DC source can follow pre-determined voltage and current curves.

On request, your LAB-AUTO system can be fitted into a flight case for mobile operation. Multiple units can be installed into the same flight case. Door hangers and load bearing shelves are fitted for convenience.

If you regularly need to move equipment to different sites, we can provide shock and vibration mounts to mitigate the risk of any potential transit damage.


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