20th January 2021

Mobile Grid Simulators

Do you need to test grid-powered devices remotely? Does your test regime involve investigating how renewables interact with the grid? Then we may have the solution.

Mobile Grid SimulatorOur four quadrant EAC-ACS-4Q grid simulators can be fitted into flight cases for mobile operation. Shock and vibration mounts are available fitted to mitigate any potential transit damage when regularly moving between sites. Door hangars and locking castors are also supplied for convenience.

Each of the unit's three output phases can be individually programmed for voltage limits, frequency, phase angle and superimposed harmonics up to 5kHz. A dedicated GridSim GUI is available. This can be used to test to all relevant grid feed-in regulations including: CENELEC, DIN & IEC.

The optional RLC load mode {Resistance (R), Inductance (L), Capacitance (C)} enables the user to set apparent (VA) and reactive power (VAR). It also allows the power factor (cos phi) to be adjusted. The software allows anti-islanding regulations for grid-tied power systems to be tested against.

Modules are available in 30kVA and 50kVA nominals. Each unit has a dedicated master/slave interface, allowing units to be connected in parallel up to 1MVA. This allows larger systems to be built up over time.



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