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Compact High Power DC Source

LAB-HPP: Compact High Power DC Source
Max. Voltage Model 1500V
Min. Power Model 45kW
Max. Power Model 60kW
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Rack Mount
The LAB-HPP family can be used as a stand alone power supply or as component in a wider automated test system. The LAB-HPP consists of the 45kW and 60kW models. Lower power models between 5kW and 30kW are detailed on the separate LAB-HP technical summary.

This highly efficient modern design has a wealth of standard and optional features. Along with constant current and voltage operation the user may also select adjustable power limit or resistance modes from the front panel. A simple photo-voltaic simulation mode allows different maximum power points to be set for voltage and current.

The connectivity options help to ensure that the LAB-HPP can be utilised in a wide variety of applications. Both RS232 and isolated analogue 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc interfaces are provided as standard. Output voltage and current limit can be set proportionally and actual values read back during operation. It is also possible to force the analogue interface to become active via a high signal on the relevant pin. Computer interfaces are also optionally available. Any combination of GPIB, USB, LAN, RS485 & USB is possible on the same unit.

An integrated memory card reader is another useful option. This enables output waveforms to be programmed graphically on a PC using freely available software that supports the WAV format. Another simple method of controlling the output via an SD card is by text script. Along with setting output variables the user can program time delays and loop operations. The memory card slot also offers a convenient datalogging function. Sample times of between 1 sec and 71 minutes can be set. When activated each logging event is indicated on the front panel display. LAB-HPPs are provided in standard 19" rackmounting cases A cabinet integration service can be provided on request.
Did you know...
  • Lower power LAB-HP models can be seen on a separate datasheet.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrent
LAB-HPP 452045kW0 - 20V0 - 2250A
LAB-HPP 454045kW0 - 40V0 - 1125A
LAB-HPP 458045kW0 - 80V0 - 562A
LAB-HPP 4510045kW0 - 100V0 - 450A
LAB-HPP 4515045kW0 - 150V0 - 300A
LAB-HPP 4530045kW0 - 300V0 - 150A
LAB-HPP 4560045kW0 - 600V0 - 75A
LAB-HPP 4580045kW0 - 800V0 - 57A
LAB-HPP 45100045kW0 - 1000V0 - 45A
LAB-HPP 45120045kW0 - 1200V0 - 37A
LAB-HPP 45150045kW0 - 1500V0 - 30A
LAB-HPP 602060kW0 - 20V0 - 3000A
LAB-HPP 604060kW0 - 40V0 - 1500A
LAB-HPP 608060kW0 - 80V0 - 750A
LAB-HPP 6010060kW0 - 100V0 - 600A
LAB-HPP 6015060kW0 - 150V0 - 400A
LAB-HPP 6030060kW0 - 300V0 - 200A
LAB-HPP 6060060kW0 - 600V0 - 100A
LAB-HPP 6080060kW0 - 800V0 - 76A
LAB-HPP 60100060kW0 - 1000V0 - 60A
LAB-HPP 60120060kW0 - 1200V0 - 50A
LAB-HPP 60150060kW0 - 1500V0 - 40A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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