High Power DC Sources


High Power DC Sources

LAB-HP systems can be operated in CC, CV, CP and CR modes. Each unit has RS-232 and isolated analogue interfaces with switchable ranging for remote control.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 10kW 0 to 30kW
Voltage: 0 to 60VDC 0 to 150VDC
Current: 0 to 70A 0 to 500A
Standard Control:Model Specific

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Product Information

A 10 turn digitally encoded potentiometer allows for straight forward front panel operation. Units have a large blue LCD screen that displays relevant output quantities simultaneously.

Output values can be preset and read prior to releasing the output. The power supply can be operated in CC, CV, CP, CR and PV modes. Each unit is built with an RS-232 and isolated analogue interface with switchable ranging for remote control of the PSU.

  • CV, CC, CP, CR and PVsim Modes
  • RS-232 and Analogue Interfaces
  • Simple Front Panel Operation
  • Memory Card Slot Possible
  • Operating GUI

Technical Specifications

Operating Modes


Interfaces and Control

Software/Soft Tools


Safety and Protection

Form Factor and Enclosures

New Systems

Selection Table

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
LAB-HP 10150-r10kW0 - 150VDC0 - 70A Add
LAB-HP 1560-r15kW0 - 60VDC0 - 250A Add
LAB-HP 3060-r30kW0 - 60VDC0 - 500A Add
LAB-HP 30120-r30kW0 - 120VDC0 - 250A Add

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