Product Search

How do I use Product Search?

Located at the top left corner of our site is the Product Search feature. This part of the website is constant throughout allowing you to compile a new search wherever you are on the site.

There are 3 criteria you can search by:-
  • Product Category - The type of product you wish to search for
  • Parameter 1 - Changes according to the selected category
  • Parameter 2 - Changes according to the selected category
Press the Search button to see your search results.
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How do I use Product Selection

If you know the product family you are looking for, you can jump straight to that product by using the Product Select located on the right hand side of the website.
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How do I add a unit to my QuoteCart?

When viewing a product there is a red link called Request QuotationView Product Family. This scrolls down the page to show all of the available units.

Clicking the Add button next to your chosen product will add the product into your QuoteCart. You will then be automatically redirected to the 'Add Options' page for that specific unit.
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How do I add/remove/modify options on units in my QuoteCart?

When a unit is added to your QuoteCart, the website will redirect you to the Options page for that specific unit.

Under the heading Options Available For... is a list of the options that you may add to this unit. Clicking the Add Button icon next to the option will add it to your unit. If no options are available for your unit then none will be listed.

To remove an option that has been added simply press the Remove Button icon next to the option located under the Options Selected For....

Once the options fit your requirements, click the Continue button.

N.B. - You can modify unit options after they have been added to your QuoteCart by clicking the Options button located next to the unit in your QuoteCart.
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How do I remove units in my QuoteCart?

Hovering over the QuoteCart button will load your QuoteCart and display the units you have added.


Locate the unit which you wish to remove and simply click the Remove button. This will then remove the desired unit and all of the options you added with it.

N.B. - Because you do not have to register with ETPS to request a quotation your QuoteCart automatically empties after 30 minutes of inactivity, or when you close the browser tab or window.
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Website Functions

How do I change the font size on the website?

A drop down box is located the very top right of the site (on the Breadcrumb bar), from here you can change the text size throughout the entire site.

By default the text size is set to Normal, selecting Large will create a cookie so that your settings are remembered across the entire site.
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How do I navigate around the website?

The main navigation bar is constant throughout the site.

The breadcrumb is located at the top of every page all of the time, even if you scroll down, this will display exactly where you are on the ETPS website.
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