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Maintaining a fast and flexible supply chain allows Intertek to continually set new quality standards in testing.

Intertek LogoIntertek Transportation Technologies offer Europe’s most technologically advanced commercially available driveline test facilities. Its Milton Keynes laboratory has 28 individual test cells.

Key to Intertek’s offering is their Total Quality Assurance (TQA) proposition. This service provides an integrated and systematic approach to ensure both customers and suppliers have an effective and sound quality system in place.

The company maintains a highly trusted and adaptive supply chain. Intertek ensure their excellence by carefully handpicking partners which closely align with their core values.

So when one of their customers had an urgent test requirement, Intertek already had the resources and knowhow in place to deliver.

ETPS were able to provide two bidirectional power systems within 24 hours of Intertek being notified. A speedy delivery and commissioning meant they could start testing right away.

Dave Meek, Engineering Director at Intertek’s UK powertrain lab, said “ETPS were both flexible and responsive, which enabled us to exceed our customer’s expectations”.

ETPS were both flexible and responsive, which enabled us to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Dave Meek, Engineering Director, Intertek Transportation Technologies

Total Peace of Mind

LAB-GSS With GUIDave Meek also added “It is vital to have flexible suppliers like ETPS within the industry. Engineering challenges often crop up overnight which need solving immediately. Having them in our supply chain allows us to remain fast and flexible, helping deliver total peace of mind to our customers”.

An engineer from ETPS provided onsite commissioning of the LAB-GSS modules and training. This ensured that Intertek’s engineers had in-depth product knowledge to maintain their exceptional quality standards.

Being a UK-based company allows ETPS to quickly respond to requirements. ETPS’s Midlands location makes most of the country’s major cities accessible in just a few hours drive.

Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance process goes beyond just sourcing the best suppliers. It accelerates time-to-market, improves product quality and reduces overall cost for their customer base.

The company have always been a pioneer, anticipating the needs of its clients with bold innovations. This allows them to own and shape their own future.

All of their Milton Keynes’ test cells are fully accredited by the UK’s Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for conducting European ECE Regulation 85 (engine power) approval tests. The entire site is covered by ISO9001 certification.

It is vital to have suppliers like ETPS within the industry. Engineering challenges often crop up overnight which need solving immediately.

Dave Meek, Engineering Director, Intertek Transportation Technologies

About the LAB-GSS

LAB-GSS Modular ConfigurationsThe sink/source capability of the LAB-GSS makes the system ideal to research bidirectional power flows. When operating as a load each unit has power recycling technology. An inbuilt monitoring system synchronises with the grid and regenerates any excess DC energy back to the three phase mains.

Up to 64 LAB-GSS modules can be arranged in series, parallel or matrix configurations. Each module can operate independently, allowing systems to be reconfigured, expanded or broken up as needs dictate. The diagram shows all the possible combinations with eight 500V modules.

Every module has an extensive feature set which includes programmable PID parameters and inbuilt eight channel recording scope. Adjustable power and resistance limits make the units ideal for all purpose research.

RS-232 and isolated analogue interfaces are provided as standard. Optional interfaces are also available.

An embedded function generator is available which allows virtually any DC waveform to be created. V/I and V/P relationships can be programmed against time where necessary. Parametric programming is possible, where instead of the time axis an input variable (VIN, IIN or PIN) can be selected.

The module hardware is complimented by application software. Specific tests can be performed including battery cycling, electric drive testing, PV simulation battery emulation as well as capacitor emulation and testing. When testing electric drives, complex drive cycles can be replicated by importing data from a CSV file.

Previous tests have been conducted using over 400,000 individual data points, with more possible. This helps recreate a real world test in a controlled lab environment.

If you’d like to discuss how the LAB-GSS could drive your testing forward, then please contact ETPS today.


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