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Rectifier/Modular PSUs

The rectifier families are housed in either 19" racks or provided as compact modules. The rack mounting rectifiers are aimed at telecoms applications. This range of robust rectifiers start at 250W and have a life time of more than 8 years and an MTBF of over 50 years. For even greater security these hot swap modules can be configured to provide a redundant DC output. Up to 2 additional AC inputs with automatic switchover are provided on a number of these telecoms rectifiers.

A compact range of single and multiple output AC/DC power supplies are also available. These fixed output power supplies operate at up to 55°C without derating. For harsh environments extended temperature ranges of -40°C to +70°C can be specified.

If you need custom or modified rectifier or AC/DC power supply then please request an ETPS solution.

Did you know...
  • Our REC-2400-230-110-K10 can be fitted with a specialised Inverter module for running AC devices, or a short-length UPS for protection against brown-outs.
  • Units in our DC Source category can be built with fixed outputs.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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