AC-DC Power Source


AC-DC Power Source

The REC-ZAT provides a DC output from either a AC or DC input. This compact range can achieve efficiencies of up to 90%.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 800W 0 to 3.2kW
Voltage: 0 to 18VDC 0 to 320VDC
Current: 0 to 7.5A 0 to 200A
Standard Control:Potentiometer
Hot Swappable:No

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Product Information

The REC-ZAT range of power supplies are able to operate as either an AC-DC Power Source or DC-DC Converter. The units start at maximum output powers of 800W to 3.2kW.

The units incorporate a passive power factor correction circuit and are protected against over current and short circuits by an automatic, self regulating electronic current limit. Maximum output current can be adjusted to a safe level for the DUT.

  • Customised Versions Available on Request
  • Series Operation up to 500V
  • High Efficiency, up to 90%
  • Master/Slave Option
  • AC/DC Input

Technical Specifications


Interfaces and Control


Rental Systems

Selection Table

Max PowerAC Input VoltageDC Input VoltageOutput VoltageVout RangeNominal Current
REC-ZAT 800-12-50800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC12VDC0 - 18VDC0 - 50A Add
REC-ZAT 800-24-30800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC24VDC0 - 36VDC0 - 30A Add
REC-ZAT 800-36-20800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC36VDC0 - 54VDC0 - 20A Add
REC-ZAT 800-48-15800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC48VDC0 - 72VDC0 - 15A Add
REC-ZAT 800-72-10800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC72VDC0 - 108VDC0 - 10A Add
REC-ZAT 800-96-7.5800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC96VDC0 - 144VDC0 - 7.5A Add
REC-ZAT 1600-24-601600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC24VDC0 - 36VDC0 - 60A Add
REC-ZAT 1600-36-451600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC36VDC0 - 54VDC0 - 45A Add
REC-ZAT 1600-48-301600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC48VDC0 - 72VDC0 - 30A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-12-2003000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC12VDC0 - 18VDC0 - 200A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-24-1273200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC24VDC0 - 36VDC0 - 127A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-36-953200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC36VDC0 - 54VDC0 - 95A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-48-643200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC48VDC0 - 72VDC0 - 64A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-72-423200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC72VDC0 - 108VDC0 - 42A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-110-253000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC110VDC0 - 165VDC0 - 25A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-160-203000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC160VDC0 - 230VDC0 - 20A Add
REC-ZAT 3000-220-143000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC220VDC0 - 320VDC0 - 14A Add

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