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Grid-tied 4 Quadrant Power Supply

EAC-ACS-4Q: Grid-tied 4 Quadrant Power Supply
Max. Voltage Model 305Vrms
Min. Power Model 30kVA
Max. Power Model 1MVA
Technology Switch Mode
Output Phases 3
The EAC-ACS-4Q is a modern power system with full 4 quadrant operation in just 11U of height. Each output phase has individually programmable test parameters.

The system's active neutral string allows for any single phase or asymmetric condition to be accurately simulated. This all in one integrated approach provides users with an unrivalled flexibility to test almost any AC or DC power equipment. The combined approach provides a significant reduction of power losses when compared to existing linear systems. EAC-ACS-4Q systems use state of the art multilevel double inverter technology.

When load testing excess sink energy is regenerated back to the 3 phase mains and synchronised back to the grid. This approach saves significant energy costs. Systems are liquid cooled with an additional external liquid to air heat exchanger optional.

Systems are modular and can be retrospectively expanded at any time. Power outputs of up to 1MVA are possible when EAC-ACS-4Q systems are connected in parallel. Analogue and USB interfaces are provided as standard, with Ethernet optionally available via an external USB to Ethernet converter.

Output frequencies range up to 5000Hz, making the EAC-ACS-4Q ideal for aerospace related power applications. The 4 quadrant capability also makes the EAC-ACS-4Q ideal for compliance testing of solar or wind driven equipment.

Operation as a grid simulator or as a 3 phase full 4 quadrant voltage amplifier are both possible. The EAC-ACS-4Q forms an electronic circuit emulating the grid, allowing users to adjust a variety of parameters to test behaviour and response of equipment. Application specific GUIs are available which emulate standard or user defined test algorithms. Test data can be recorded, edited and replicated where necessary. Previous test data can also be imported.

The bidirectional DC capability of the system also makes it ideal for the testing of battery packs and electric drives. Specialised programs for EMC characterisation are also available.

Full cabinet and flight case integrations are available on request. Where possible, modifications can be made to enhance the mechanical and thermal specifications of the system to meet a specfic application. Non-standard AC input voltages can also be specified. If you have a non-standard requirement then contact ETPS today. Did you know...

  • Our LAB-GSS is suitable for those looking for a bidirectional supply dedicated to DC testing. Modules are available for high current applications.
  • The EAC-ACS-4Q is able to operate as an AC Load by regenerating received energy to the mains. Feeding the grid in this manner is compliant with EN50438 and VDEO126. Its ER G59-3 testing meets the requirements for connection to UK mains. Please Contact Us for more information on local grid feeding.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent RangeDimensions
EAC-ACS-4Q-3030kVA3 * 0 to 305Vrms [L-N]3 * 0 to ±43A19" x 11U x 634mm
EAC-ACS-4Q-5050kVA3 * 0 to 305Vrms [L-N]3 x 0 to ±72A19" x 11U x 634mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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