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AC Power Sources

The AC Power Sources range from single phase 125VA units to 3 phase supplies providing over 40kVA. Both electronic and motor driven AC Power Supplies are available.

Adjustable AC Sources are typically used in R&D and production testing to simulate line conditions. Frequency limits can be checked & ripple characteristics and brown outs recreated. Adjustable output frequencies are standard for the solid state AC sources. The standard 1-500Hz can be extended to 2kHz and above ensuring their suitability for avionic testing.

For system integration or remote control a wide choice of analogue and computer interfaces can be optionally fitted to your chosen AC Source.

Fixed output values can also be specified if the unit is required to act as a simple converter.

The superb technical parameters coupled with a range of additional options help ensure that an AC power source from ETPS will be suitable for your application.

Did you know...
  • High voltage and high power AC sources can be provided on request.
  • For circuit breaker testing low voltage and high current AC sources are also available on request.

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