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AC Electronic Loads

Our rental AC electronic loads are installed with 55 common waveforms. Crest factor and power factor are user programmable, as are voltage and current ranges.

When compared to a traditional resistive load bank, a programmable AC load offers much greater functionally. Sink values can be adjusted in small increments into the milliamp range, under various waveforms and power factors. Whereas, a traditional resistive load bank typically operates at power factor unity and does not have the programmability necessary to create complex load steps.

Due to the unpredictability of real world user behaviour, the operating waveform of an AC device can often have many unusual qualities. Our AC loads allow the complex loading of an electrical circuit to be precisely simulated. This is advantageous during research and testing, as any performance issues can be identified and rectified before production commences.

A front panel memory with an auto sequencing function is provided with every AC load from ETPS. Stored within the units non-volatile memory is a waveform bank. When in constant current operation the user can select between sine, square and DC waveforms.

Peak currents can be simulated with the crest factor mode. A leading or lagging power factor can be set with adjustments from unity, to between 0.85 and 0.3. The desired wave can be recalled from the front panel or selected via a computer interface.

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AC Load with Adjustable Power Factor


This 1.8kW electronic load features both AC and DC sink functions. Waveforms can be recalled from the front panel or selected via the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces. The load can also be operated in constant resistance or linear CC mode. To aid production testing, upper and lower limits can be set with GO/NG indication.

A dual 4½ digit display indicates the voltage and current taken by the load. A wattmeter and VAmeter are also provided. An oscilloscope can be connected to the front panel isolated current monitor, so the user can view the load current.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
ELPA-32611800W0 - 300V0 - 18ADatasheet


Low Power AC Load Modules


These AC loads operate in constant current and resistance modes. Modules are available with nominal sink values up to 4A or 300V. Waveforms can be recalled or enabled from the front panel or via the computer interface. Dual 4½ digit displays clearly show the voltage and current values at the load terminals.

Remote sense is provided to counter any voltage drops in the load line. An external analogue input enables the ELPA-3250 modules to load according to an external signal. This allows complex waveforms to be set up on a function generator. For batch testing, upper and lower limits can be adjusted to signal a pass or fail.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
ELPA-3252300W0 - 300V0 - 4ADatasheet
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