High Precision Floating Ground HV Modules


High Precision Floating Ground HV Modules

These HV cassettes provide up to 16 channels in a compact 6U cassette. An incredibly stable output is provided with the lowest possible ripple and noise.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 5W 0 to 9W
Voltage: 0 to 500V 0 to 10kV
Current: 0 to 500μA 0 to 10mA
Standard Control:CAN
Form Factor:Cassette

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Product Information

This series of HV cassettes provides up to 16 channels in a compact 6U cassette. The modules provide an incredibly stable output with the lowest possible ripple and noise. 

Two current measurement ranges are provided as standard enabling readings into the nA scale. Potentiometers are provided on the front panel for global adjustment of voltage and current limits.

  • Ripple and Noise <5mVpp for Units Below 6kV
  • Current Measurement Resolution up to 1nA
  • Very High Stability Typically <100ppm
  • GUI and OPC Server for CAN Control
  • Flexible Group and Event Handling
  • Low Cost Crate Options 

Technical Specifications

Interfaces and Control

Software/Soft Tools

Form Factor and Enclosures

Rental Systems

Selection Table

Max PowerOutput VoltageOutput CurrentNumber of Channels
HTP-EHS 82-05x-1065W0 - 500V0 - 10mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-05x-1065W0 - 500V0 - 10mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-10x-8058W0 - 1kV0 - 8mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-10x-8058W0 - 1kV0 - 8mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-20x-4058W0 - 2kV0 - 4mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-20x-4058W0 - 2kV0 - 4mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-30x-3059W0 - 3kV0 - 3mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-30x-3059W0 - 3kV0 - 3mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-40x-2058W0 - 4kV0 - 2mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-40x-2058W0 - 4kV0 - 2mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-60x-1056W0 - 6kV0 - 1mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS F2-60x-1056W0 - 6kV0 - 1mA16 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 82-80x-1058W0 - 8kV0 - 1mA8 Channels Add
HTP-EHS 42-100x-5045W0 - 10kV0 - 0.5mA4 Channels Add

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