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High Power Bidirectional DC Supplies

LAB-GSSH: High Power Bidirectional DC Supplies
Max. Voltage Model 1500V
Min. Power Model 40kW
Max. Power Model 3MW
Technology Bidirectional
Case Style Cabinet
The LAB-GSSH is an innovative DC high power system. Operating in quadrants 1 & 4 the LAB-GSSH can operate as either a DC Source or DC Electronic Load. When load testing the excess sink energy is not wasted as heat. Instead the output it is inverted from DC to AC and synchronised back to the grid.

The modular format means the system can be reconfigured or expanded to meet changing test requirements. In-built dedicated system comms allow users to switch between various set-ups. Parallel, series or matrix configurations are all possible. Each slave module can operate independently providing unrivalled flexibility. Various standard and optional interfaces are available for remote control. A number of parameters are user adjustable including internal resistance as well as voltage and current slopes.

Complex waveforms can be created and implemented by the embedded function generator. Standard sine, square and sawtooth shapes can be plotted against time for voltage, current and power outputs. High system dynamics allow fast switching of quadrants. The bidirectional characteristics make the LAB-GSSH ideal for testing high power automotive applications.

Behaviour and stability of complex on-board electric vehicle power systems can be tested under a variety of programmable conditions. Previously recorded test data can be imported and replicated so that a real track driving test can be accurately simulated in the lab. A dedicated battery cycling GUI is available which allows users to emulate standard and complex battery charge/discharge algorithms. Live test data can be recorded, reviewed and replicated. Systems are available up to 3MW. Lab racks and flight case integrations are available on request.
Did you know...
  • The LAB-GSSH is comprised of our LAB-GSS units.
  • The LAB-GSSH mains ReGen capability allows the unit to return the load power to the grid where it would usually be dispensed as heat. Feeding the grid in this manner is compliant with EN50438 and VDEO126. Its ER G59-3 testing meets the requirements for connection to UK mains.
Product Family
 Part NumberNominal PowerSource Voltage Q1Sink Voltage Q4Current Range
LAB-GSSH 20-65-240kW0 - 130VDC6 - 130VDC0 to ±770A
LAB-GSSH 32-65-264kW0 - 130VDC6 - 130VDC0 to ±1200A
LAB-GSSH 32-65-396kW0 - 195VDC6 - 195VDC0 to ±1800A
LAB-GSSH 32-65-4128kW0 - 260VDC6 - 260VDC0 to ±2400A
LAB-GSSH 32-65-8256kW0 - 520VDC6 - 520VDC0 to ±4800A
LAB-GSSH 20-130-240kW0 - 260VDC12 - 260VDC0 to ±384A
LAB-GSSH 32-130-264kW0 - 260VDC12 - 260VDC0 to ±616A
LAB-GSSH 32-130-396kW0 - 390VDC12 - 390VDC0 to ±924A
LAB-GSSH 32-130-4128kW0 - 520VDC12 - 520VDC0 to ±1232A
LAB-GSSH 32-130-8256kW0 - 1040VDC12 - 1040VDC0 to ±2464A
LAB-GSSH 20-400-240kW0 - 800VDC50 - 800VDC0 to ± 126A
LAB-GSSH 32-400-264kW0 - 800VDC50 - 800VDC0 to ± 200A
LAB-GSSH 32-400-396kW0 - 1200VDC50 - 1200VDC0 to ± 300A
LAB-GSSH 32-400-4128kW0 - 1500VDC50 - 1500VDC0 to ± 400A
LAB-GSSH 32-400-8256kW0 - 1500VDC50 - 1500VDC0 to ± 800A
LAB-GSSH 20-500-240kW0 - 1000VDC40 - 1000VDC0 to ± 100A
LAB-GSSH 32-500-264kW0 - 1000VDC40 - 1000VDC0 to ± 160A
LAB-GSSH 32-500-396kW0 - 1500VDC40 - 1500VDC0 to ± 240A
LAB-GSSH 32-500-4128kW0 - 1500VDC40 - 1500VDC0 to ± 320A
LAB-GSSH 32-500-8256kW0 - 1500VDC40 - 1500VDC0 to ± 640A
LAB-GSSH 20-600-240kW0 - 1200VDC50 - 1200VDC0 to ± 80A
LAB-GSSH 32-600-264kW0 - 1200VDC50 - 1200VDC0 to ± 132A
LAB-GSSH 32-600-396kW0 - 1500VDC50 - 1500VDC0 to ± 198A
LAB-GSSH 32-600-4128kW0 - 1500VDC50 - 1500VDC0 to ± 264A
LAB-GSSH 32-600-8256kW0 - 1500VDC50 - 1500VDC0 to ± 528A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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