10th March 2020


Are you struggling to get capital expenditure approved? Perhaps you require a temporary fix for a specific project? Then we have the perfect solution.

Rental Power System ExamplesOur range of rental power systems has continued to expand, with a new 32kW LAB-GSS bidirectional system. With the ability to source or sink DC power up to ±600A or 65V, this system is particularly useful for cycling and emulating battery packs. A selection of applications GUIs are provided, as well as a function generator for implementing complex DC waveforms.

Several 15kW LAB-AUTO DC power supplies are also now available. This includes a 525V/94.5A model, as well as 2 × 1575V/31.5A PSUs which can be operated in parallel up to 30kW. These units feature an autoranging output, providing many more voltage/current combinations at nominal power.

We also provide a wide range of rental DC electronic loads. High current sinks up to 3000A/15kW are possible with the ELP-34105 series. Each of these high power loads has a selection of inbuilt battery tests, to simplify energy storage device research.

All of our heavier systems are shipped in wheeled flight cases to make transport around site much simpler, quicker and safer. The full rental selection is available to view in our rental range.


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