Single Phase Bidirectional Grid Simulator


Single Phase Bidirectional Grid Simulator

Each single phase EAC-ABI has programmable voltage and frequency ranges, allowing grid configurations from around the world to be simulated.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 10kVA 0 to 200kVA
Voltage: 3 to 150VRMS 12 to 600VRMS
Current: ±16.6A ±1333.3A
Standard Control:Touchscreen HMI, CAN, RS-232
Optional Control:Analogue, Ethernet

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Product Information

The EAC-ABI is a series of high power bidirectional grid simulators. Each unit is user programmable to operate as either an AC source or AC sink. When operating as an AC sink the EAC-ABI regenerates excess sink energy back to the grid. 

A true sinewave output is provided as standard. As standard the frequency of each system is programmable between 45-105Hz, ideal for simulating different mains from around the world. The four quadrant functionality of the system is particulary useful when researching and testing grid related products with bidirectional AC power flows.

  • Three Phase Models Available on Request
  • RS-232 and CAN Interfaces as Standard
  • Extended Frequency Range Possible
  • Built in Freestanding Cabinet
  • TFT Front Panel Screen
  • Systems up to 200kVA

Technical Specifications

Operating Ranges and Features

Interfaces and Control

Form Factor and Enclosures

Selection Table

150VRMS Models

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent
EAC-ABI 10-15010kVA3 - 150Vrms±66.6A Add
EAC-ABI 15-15015kVA3 - 150Vrms±100A Add
EAC-ABI 20-15020kVA3 - 150Vrms±133.3A Add
EAC-ABI 25-15025kVA3 - 150Vrms±166.6A Add
EAC-ABI 30-15030kVA3 - 150Vrms±200A Add
EAC-ABI 40-15040kVA3 - 150Vrms±266.6A Add
EAC-ABI 50-15050kVA3 - 150Vrms±333.3A Add
EAC-ABI 60-15060kVA3 - 150Vrms±400A Add
EAC-ABI 80-15080kVA3 - 150Vrms±533.3A Add
EAC-ABI 100-150100kVA3 - 150Vrms±666.6A Add
EAC-ABI 120-150120kVA3 - 150Vrms±800A Add
EAC-ABI 160-150160kVA3 - 150Vrms±1066.6A Add
EAC-ABI 200-150200kVA3 - 150Vrms±1333.3A Add

300VRMS Models

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent
EAC-ABI 10-30010kVA6 - 300Vrms±33.3A Add
EAC-ABI 15-30015kVA6 - 300Vrms±50A Add
EAC-ABI 20-30020kVA6 - 300Vrms±66.6A Add
EAC-ABI 25-30025kVA6 - 300Vrms±83.3A Add
EAC-ABI 30-30030kVA6 - 300Vrms±100A Add
EAC-ABI 40-30040kVA6 - 300Vrms±133.3A Add
EAC-ABI 50-30050kVA6 - 300Vrms±166.6A Add
EAC-ABI 60-30060kVA6 - 300Vrms±200A Add
EAC-ABI 80-30080kVA6 - 300Vrms±266.6A Add
EAC-ABI 100-300100kVA6 - 300Vrms±333.3A Add
EAC-ABI 120-300120kVA6 - 300Vrms±400A Add
EAC-ABI 160-300160kVA6 - 300Vrms±533.3A Add
EAC-ABI 200-300200kVA6 - 300Vrms±666.6A Add

600VRMS Models

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent
EAC-ABI 10-60010kVA12 - 600Vrms±16.6A Add
EAC-ABI 15-60015kVA12 - 600Vrms±25A Add
EAC-ABI 20-60020kVA12 - 600Vrms±33.3A Add
EAC-ABI 25-60025kVA12 - 600Vrms±41.6A Add
EAC-ABI 30-60030kVA12 - 600Vrms±50A Add
EAC-ABI 40-60040kVA12 - 600Vrms±66.6A Add
EAC-ABI 50-60050kVA12 - 600Vrms±83.3A Add
EAC-ABI 60-60060kVA12 - 600Vrms±100A Add
EAC-ABI 80-60080kVA12 - 600Vrms±133.3A Add
EAC-ABI 100-600100kVA12 - 600Vrms±166.6A Add
EAC-ABI 120-600120kVA12 - 600Vrms±200A Add
EAC-ABI 160-600160kVA12 - 600Vrms±266.6A Add
EAC-ABI 200-600200kVA12 - 600Vrms±333.3A Add

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