Dual Channel DC Load Modules


Dual Channel DC Load Modules

ELP-3330 load modules offer two independently adjustable channels. Each channel has CC, CR, CV & CP operating modes and a short test function.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 75W 0 to 120W
Voltage: 2 to 60VDC 0.8 to 80VDC
Current: 0 to 5A 0 to 24A
Standard Control:HMI

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Product Information

Each ELP-3330 load module offers two independently adjustable channels. A five digit high resolution display shows V, I & P simultaneously for both load channels. Each channel has CC, CR, CV and CP operating modes along with a programmable short test function. 

When in constant current or power modes, dynamic operation is possible allowing the load to switch between two current levels. The slew rate can be adjusted, along with the time spent at the higher and lower load levels. Remote sense capability is also provided to counter voltage drops in the load lines.

  • CC, CR, CV, CP and Dynamic Operation
  • Adjustable OCP, OPP and Short Tests
  • Selectable Load ON/OFF Voltage 
  • 5 digit V, I and W Display

Technical Specifications

Operating Ranges and Features

Operating Modes

Interfaces and Control

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Selection Table

Max PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
ELP-3333A-r2 × 75W2 × 2 to 60VDC2 × 0 to 5A Add
ELP-3332F-r2 × 120W2 × 0.8 to 80VDC2 × 0 to 24A Add

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