High Current High Power Bidirectional DC


High Current High Power Bidirectional DC

With the ability to source or sink DC current up to 2704A, the G5-RSS-HC is ideal for low voltage/high current testing. Typical applications include powering electromagnets and cycling hybrid xEV battery packs.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 36kW 0 to 72kW
Voltage: 0 to 80V 0 to 160V
Current: 0 to 1352A 0 to 2704A
Standard Control:Touchscreen HMI, Analogue, CAN, Ethernet, USB

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Product Information

With the ability to source or sink currents up to 2704A, the G5-RSS-HC is ideal for cycling and emulating low voltage/high current energy storage devices. Short circuit testing is another common application.

These power dense modules have an extensive feature set including programmable PI parameters and an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope. Adjustable power and resistance limits are provided. Analogue, ethernet, USB and high-speed CAN interfaces are provided with each module. The G5-RSS features an autoranging output, which allows for many more V/I combinations at nominal power. Modules are delivered fitted into flight cases.

  • Programmable Ripple up to 10kHz
  • Two Current Ranges for Higher Accuracy
  • Battery Cycling and Emulation Software
  • Function Generator with V/I Capability
  • Ultra-Fast Dynamic Behaviour
  • Sink Voltages up to 160V

Technical Specifications

Modularity (Master/Slave)

Operating Ranges and Features

Operating Modes


Interfaces and Control

Software/Soft Tools


Form Factor and Enclosures

New Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table

Nominal PowerSource Voltage Q1Sink Voltage Q4Current RangeInternal Resistance Range
G5-RSS 36-80-1352-r36kW0 to 80VDC1 to 80VDC0 to ±1352A0 to 118mΩ Add
G5-RSS 72-80-2704-r72kW0 to 80VDC1 to 80VDC0 to ±2704A0 to 59mΩ Add
G5-RSS 72-160-1352-r72kW0 to 160VDC2 to 160VDC0 to ±1352A0 to 236mΩ Add

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