High Voltage PCB Modules


High Voltage PCB Modules

These HV modules can be soldered and mounted on PCBs. The DC-DC converters provide between 300V and 6kV at 1W, 3W or 4W.

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Min Max
Power: 1W 4W
Voltage: 0 to 300V 0 to 4kV
Current: 500μA 10mA
Standard Control:Analogue
Form Factor:PCB Module

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Product Information

The HTP-BPS are a range of HV modules that can be soldered and mounted on PCBs. Built into potted metal boxes the HTP-BPS series have a very low ripple and noise characteristics.

By utilising patented resonance mode techniques a low EMI is achieved. These DC-DC converters provide between 300VDC and 6kVDC at 1W, 3W or 4W. The maximum output current varies between 0.5mA and 10mA depending on the model chosen.

  • Patented Resonance Mode Technique
  • Positive or Negative Polarity
  • High Voltages up to 6kVDC
  • Stable Output Voltage
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Very Low EMI

Technical Specifications

Operating Ranges and Features

Interfaces and Control

Control Principle

Safety and Protection

Selection Table

Max PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput Current
HTP-BPx 05 205 51W4.5 - 5.5VDC0 - 0.5kV2mA Add
HTP-BPx 10 105 51W4.5 - 5.5VDC0 - 1kV1mA Add
HTP-BPx 15 604 51W4.5 - 5.5VDC0 - 1.5kV0.6mA Add
HTP-BPx 20 504 51W4.5 - 5.5VDC0 - 2kV0.5mA Add
HTP-BPx 03 106 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 0.3kV10mA Add
HTP-BPx 05 605 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 0.5kV6mA Add
HTP-BPx 10 305 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 1kV3mA Add
HTP-BPx 15 205 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 1.5kV2mA Add
HTP-BPx 20 155 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 2kV1.5mA Add
HTP-BPx 25 125 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 2.5kV1.2mA Add
HTP-BPx 30 105 123W11.5 - 15.5VDC0 - 3kV1mA Add
HTP-BPx 05 805 124W11.4 - 12.6VDC0 - 0.5kV8mA Add
HTP-BPx 10 405 124W11.4 - 12.6VDC0 - 1kV4mA Add
HTP-BPx 20 205 124W11.4 - 12.6VDC0 - 2kV2mA Add
HTP-BPx 30 135 124W11.4 - 12.6VDC0 - 3kV1.3mA Add
HTP-BPx 40 105 124W11.4 - 12.6VDC0 - 4kV1mA Add

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