High Power AC/DC Electronic Load


High Power AC/DC Electronic Load

While primarily aimed at AC applications, the ELPA-SINE can also be used for DC testing. A comprehensive feature set is provided as standard.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 1.875kVA 0 to 180kVA This maximum is achieved by using units in master-slave.
Voltage: 50 to 350VRMS 50 to 480VRMS
Current: 0 to 18.75ARMS 0 to 900ARMS This maximum is achieved by using units in master-slave.
Standard Control:HMI, Analogue
Optional Control:Ethernet, IEEE 488.2, RS-232, USB

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Product Information

The ELPA-SINE series of programmable electronic loads feature a comprehensive set of both AC and DC test functions. The 4 digit display simultaneously provides actual values taken by the load. 

Users can toggle between various measurements for: voltage, current, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor and harmonics. On request the load can be built with a GPIB, RS-232, USB or LAN remote control interfaces.

  • Sine, Step and Squarewave Loading Functions
  • Adjustable Leading and Lagging Power Factor
  • High Power Configurations to 180kW
  • CC, CV, CP, CR and Crest Factor Mode 
  • Last Setting Memory Function
  • DC to 440Hz Operation

Technical Specifications

Modularity (Master/Slave)

Operating Ranges and Features

Operating Modes

Test Modes

Interfaces and Control

Safety and Protection

Form Factor and Enclosures

Rental Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table

Max PowerVoltage Range ACVoltage Range DCCurrent Range
ELPA-SINE 18751875W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 18.75ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 2800-HV2800W50 - 480VRMS50 - 700VDC0 - 18.75ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 28002800W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 28ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 3750-HV3750W50 - 480VRMS50 - 700VDC0 - 28ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 37503750W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 37.5ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 56005600W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 56ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 75007500W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 75ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 1125011250W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 112.5ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 1500015000W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 112.5ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 1875018750W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 112.5ARMS Add
ELPA-SINE 2250022500W50 - 350VRMS50 - 500VDC0 - 112.5ARMS Add

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