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Single Channel Bidirectional PSU

LAB-SCUBI: Single Channel Bidirectional PSU
Max. Voltage Model 1000V
Min. Power Model 40kW
Max. Power Model 2MW
Technology Bidirectional
Case Style Cabinet

The LAB-SCUBI is a series of high power single channel Bidirectional PSUs. Each system is able to operate as either a DC Source or a DC Electronic Load.

This integrated approach features high dynamics enabling the user to switch seamlessly between quadrants. When sinking energy from the unit under test the LAB-SCUBI automatically inverts the DC to AC and synchronises this output to the grid. Dedicated application modes are available for battery cycling and emulation, which can be used to implement specific test routines.

Common applications the LAB-SCUBI is used for include testing electric motors, fuel cells, super capacitors and solar panels. As standard each system is built with a CAN-Bus interface, which has a maximum sampling frequency of 100Hz. Other interfaces are optionally available. An extensive feature set includes voltage/current ripple below 0.1%, wide V/I operating ranges, sense terminals for connection and a range of protection features. Outputs up to 2MW can be achieved when combining multiple systems in parallel. Besides the standard range, special voltage and current levels can be specified on request.

Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
LAB-SCUBI 200-60-60060kW0 - 200V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 200-60-100060kW0 - 200V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 200-100-600100kW0 - 200V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 200-100-1000100kW0 - 200V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-100-600100kW0 - 600V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 600-100-1000100kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-100-600100kW0 - 800V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 800-100-1000100kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-100-600100kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-100-1000100kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-160-600160kW0 - 600V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 600-160-1000160kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-160-600160kW0 - 800V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 800-160-1000160kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-160-600160kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-160-1000160kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-250-600250kW0 - 600V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 600-250-1000250kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-250-600250kW0 - 800V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 800-250-1000250kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-250-600250kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-250-1000250kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-320-600320kW0 - 600V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 600-320-1000320kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-320-600320kW0 - 800V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 800-320-1000320kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-320-600320kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-320-1000320kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-400-1000400kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-400-1000400kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-400-600400kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-400-1000400kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 600-500-1000500kW0 - 600V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 800-500-1000500kW0 - 800V0 ± 1000A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-500-600500kW0 - 1000V0 ± 600A
LAB-SCUBI 1000-500-1000500kW0 - 1000V0 ± 1000A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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