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ReGen Load

ELP-GXS: ReGen Load
Max. Voltage Model 1500VDC
Min. Power Model 20kW
Max. Power Model 32kW
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Rack Mount
The ELP-GXS is a modern family of DC electronic loads. The energy taken from the unit under test is not wasted simply as heat. Instead the ELP-GSX automatically inverts the DC to AC and synchronises with the 3 phase mains supply and regenerates the output back to the grid. This approach saves significant electricity costs while eliminating the thermal issues associated with traditional heat dissipative loads.

A dedicated GUI for implementing battery and fuel cell discharge algorithms is available. Previously recorded discharge details can be transferred to the ELP-GXS meaning real usage conditions can be accurately simulated within the lab.

An embedded function generating engine is optionally offered to enable the creation of dynamic waveforms. Along with time based programming it is possible to implement models where the set point of voltage is automatically adjusted depending on the current or power being taken. Another useful tool is the integrated 4-channel oscilloscope. A programmable trigger is available to start recording data. The results and scope set -up can be exported and re-imported to the software for later analysis. Every unit is built with an interface dedicated to system comms. This modularity ensures that existing ReGen systems can be reconfigured, split or expanded as needs dictate. Multi-load, series and parallel configurations with active load sharing can be realised in to the low MW range.

A variety of standard and optional interfaces are available for remote control. On request a full cabinet integration service is available.

Did You Know...

  • The ELP-GXS mains ReGen capability allows the unit to return the load power to the grid where it would usually be dispensed as heat.
  • Parallel, series and matrix/multiload master-slave operation allows up to eight ELP-GXS units to be connected together for a simple way to increase available power. For high power combinations, please take a look at our LAB-GSSH product family.
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerVoltageCurrentDimensions
ELP-GXS 20-40020kW50 - 400V0 to -63A19" x 9U x 634mm
ELP-GXS 20-50020kW40 - 500V0 to -50A19" x 9U x 634mm
ELP-GXS 20-60020kW50 - 600V0 to -40A19" x 9U x 634mm
ELP-GXS 32-40032kW50 - 400V0 to -100A19" x 9U x 634mm
ELP-GXS 32-50032kW40 - 500V0 to -80A19" x 9U x 634mm
ELP-GXS 32-60032kW50 - 600V0 to -66A19" x 9U x 634mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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