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High Current 600VDC Electronic Loads

ELP-34205: High Current 600VDC Electronic Loads
Max. Voltage Model 600VDC
Min. Power Model 5kW
Max. Power Model 60kW
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, Short
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Cabinet
With wide voltage and current ranges the ELP-34205 is an excellent series of general purpose electronic loads. Dual setting and measurement ranges combined with 5-digit displays provide for high resolution. Dynamic operation with adjustable rise, fall and plateau times enable real world loads to be accurately simulated. Dedicated short circuit, OCP and OPP tests allow power supply behaviour and protection mechanisms to be characterised.

Commonly used load set-ups can be easily and quickly saved and recalled from the front panel. A sequencing function means that stored settings can be implemented against time. This enables the unit to carry out test routines without the need for a computer interface. Should remote control be required then LAN, USB, RS-232 or GPIB cards can be specified. These can also be easily retrofitted in the field by the user.

The voltage range of the ELP-34205 can be increased to 800Vdc. A 1kVdc voltage range can also be provided upon request.
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageCurrent Ranges
ELP-342055kW0 - 600VDC0 - 16A / 0 - 160A
ELP-3421010kW0 - 600VDC0 - 32A / 0 - 320A
ELP-3421515kW0 - 600VDC0 - 48A / 0 - 480A
ELP-3422020kW0 - 600VDC0 - 64A / 0 - 640A
ELP-3422525kW0 - 600VDC0 - 80A / 0 - 800A
ELP-3423030kW0 - 600VDC0 - 96A / 0 - 960A
ELP-3425050kW0 - 600VDC0 - 21A / 0 - 210A
ELP-3426060kW0 - 600VDC0 - 24A / 0 - 240A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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