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LED Driver Testing Load

ELP-3340G: LED Driver Testing Load
Max. Voltage Model 500VDC
Min. Power Model 150W
Max. Power Model 300W
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, LED
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Desktop/Rack Mount
The ELP-3340G series of DC loads feature a dedicated LED simulation mode. This is in addition to the standard constant current, resistance, voltage and power operating modes. High resolution setting and measurement is provided with dual ranges ensuring precision operation at low values. The 5-digit LCD shows voltage, power and current simultaneously. A full dynamic mode is also provided. This allows the unit to simulate real world load conditions by switching between current levels and adjusting the rise and fall times.

The specialised LED Mode is designed to test LED Drivers / LED Power Supplies. The ELP-3340G can be used to simulate a single LED or a string containing up to 90 LEDs. The forward bias voltage (Vd) and operating impedance (Rd) can be adjusted along with the nominal operating voltage (Vo). The ELP-3340G are also built with a fast response dimming control function. This provides a 0-10V signal to the LED driver to check its dimming control. A range between DC to 1kHz at a duty cycle of 1-99% is possible.

In addition to the standard short test function a dedicated LED short test signal provides a 12Vdc output for connection to an external relay. The ELP-3340G load modules are mounted into the 'F' series mainframes. Models are available that will house 1, 2 or 4 load modules. The mainframes provide the AC power conversion, cooling and the optional computer interfaces. The front panel memory function allows test set ups and routines to be easily saved and recalled. Along with testing LED drivers the 3340G are ideal for general use. Common applications include battery simulation and discharging and PSU testing in R&D, production and quality control.

Did You Know...

  • The ELP-3340G must be housed in a single slot chassis (option /3302F), dual slot chassis (option /3305F) or four slot chassis (option /3300F).
    See separate datasheet
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageMaximum Current
ELP-3341G300W0 - 300Vdc0 - 24A
ELP-3342G300W0 - 500Vdc0 - 12A
ELP-3343G300W0 - 500Vdc0 - 24A
ELP-33401G2 * 150W0 - 500Vdc0 - 6A
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