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Dynamic DC Electronic Load Modules

ELP-3310F: Dynamic DC Electronic Load Modules
Max. Voltage Model 500VDC
Min. Power Model 75W
Max. Power Model 300W
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Desktop/Rack Mount
These true dynamic loads offer an incredible degree of functionality at a very reasonable cost. Constant current, resistance, voltage and power operation are provided as standard. Dual ranges for CC and CR modes enables tight resolution at the lower end. Voltage, current and power values are simultaneously shown on the 4½ digit displays. The front panel voltage amd ammeters have a 16-bit resolution and offer a high degree of accuracy. An adjustable short mode along with OCP and OPP tests are also built in.

The load can be set to turn on and off at a preset voltage level making these units ideal for discharging batteries. An input for connecting an arbitrary waveform generator is provided to enable the unit to follow complex load patterns. Load currents can be viewed graphically by connecting a scope to the BNC connector on the front panel of the load.

The 3310F are housed within the single slot, desktop 3302F mainframe. Dual slot (3305F) and four slot (3300F) mainframes are also available. All F-series mainframes can be fitted with RS232, LAN, USB or GPIB interface cards. Common test values can be stored via the front panel in the non-volatile memory of the mainframe. These values can also be sequenced with time allowing frequent test procedures to be quickly implemented.

Did You Know...

  • The ELP-3310F must be housed in a single slot chassis (option /3302F), dual slot chassis (option /3305F) or four slot chassis (option /3300F).
    See separate datasheet
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageMaximum Current
ELP-3310F150W60VDC0 - 30A
ELP-3311F300W60VDC0 - 60A
ELP-3312F300W250VDC0 - 12A
ELP-3314F300W500VDC0 - 12A
ELP-3315F75W60VDC0 - 15A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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