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Rackmounting DC-AC Sinewave Inverter

INV-P: Rackmounting DC-AC Sinewave Inverter
Max. Power Model 4kVA
Nom. Input Voltage 24 - 540VDC
Nom. Output Voltage 115 or 230VAC
Output Freq. 50 or 60Hz
Case Style Rack Mount
AC Bypass No
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Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput Frequency
INV-P 500-24500VA24VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 500-48-60500VA48/60VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 500-110500VA110VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 500-220500VA220VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 1000-241000VA24VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 1000-48-601000VA48/60VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 1000-721000VA72VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 1000-1101000VA110VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 1000-2201000VA220VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 2000-242000VA24VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 2000-48-602000VA48/60VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 2000-1102000VA110VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 2000-2202000VA220VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 4000-48-604000VA48/60VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 4000-1104000VA110VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 4000-2204000VA220VDC230VAC50Hz
INV-P 4000-5404000VA540VDC230VAC50Hz
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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