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High Power Modular Battery Chargers

BC-TC: High Power Modular Battery Chargers
Min. Voltage Model 52V
Max. Voltage Model 1500V
Min. Power Model 10kW
Max. Power Model 2MW
Case Style Rack mount
Chemistry Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Lead Acid/Li-ion
The BC-TC range is a series of highly programmable modular battery chargers. The units are available in 10kW, 16kW, 20kW and 32kW modules. Up to 64 modules can be arranged in series, parallel or matrix array configurations to 2MW. Each module is able to operate independently, so that systems can be reconfigured, expanded or broken up to charge different sizes of energy storage devices.

Constant voltage, current and power operating modes are provided. Remote sense is a standard feature which allows users to compensate for the voltage drop in long load lines. All regulation, monitoring and communication tasks are conducted by high performance micro-controllers and digital signal processors. This provides exceptional accuracy and long term stability.

These chargers can be fitted with front panel control and an LCD display. Analogue and RS-232 interfaces are provided as standard. GPIB, RS-422, USB and CAN are optionally available. An easy to use, stand alone software program is also included. LabVIEW and C/C++ is supported by reference libraries provided. A host of protection features allows the output relays of the BC-TC to be automatically activated when specific conditions are met, protecting the battery from any potentially damaging conditions.

Reverse Polarity Protection (RPP) is recommended for energy storage devices without a pre-charge circuit. With the BC-TC energised but output off, the RPP senses the voltage of the connected energy storage device. A contactor is closed after matching the voltage, to prevent large inrush currents and arcing on start up.

An optional embedded function generator allows exact DC waveforms to be implemented at user defined time for pulsed charging. The technique is thought to improve battery discharge capacity and help facilitate longer cycle life.

A special ruggedised variant of the BC-TC is available. The charger operates from an AC generator and provides a DC output. The unit can withstand up to 30g of mechanical shock across X, Y and Z axes. The system operates from temperatures as low as -10°C all the way up to 55°C. Common applications areas include surface boats, submarines and military vehicles.

Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
BC-TC 10-5210kW0 - 52V0 - 250A
BC-TC 10-6510kW0 - 65V0 - 193A
BC-TC 10-10010kW0 - 100V0 - 125A
BC-TC 10-13010kW0 - 130V0 - 96A
BC-TC 10-20010kW0 - 200V0 - 63A
BC-TC 10-40010kW0 - 400V0 - 31A
BC-TC 10-50010kW0 - 500V0 - 25A
BC-TC 10-60010kW0 - 600V0 - 20A
BC-TC 10-80010kW0 - 800V0 - 16A
BC-TC 10-100010kW0 - 1000V0 - 13A
BC-TC 16-5216kW0 - 52V0 - 400A
BC-TC 16-6516kW0 - 65V0 - 308A
BC-TC 16-10016kW0 - 100V0 - 200A
BC-TC 16-13016kW0 - 130V0 - 153A
BC-TC 16-20016kW0 - 200V0 - 100A
BC-TC 16-40016kW0 - 400V0 - 50A
BC-TC 16-50016kW0 - 500V0 - 40A
BC-TC 16-60016kW0 - 600V0 - 32A
BC-TC 16-80016kW0 - 800V0 - 25A
BC-TC 16-100016kW0 - 1000V0 - 20A
BC-TC 20-5220kW0 - 52V0 - 500A
BC-TC 20-6520kW0 - 65V0 - 385A
BC-TC 20-10020kW0 - 100V0 - 250A
BC-TC 20-13020kW0 - 130V0 - 192A
BC-TC 20-20020kW0 - 200V0 - 125A
BC-TC 20-32020kW0 - 320V0 - 80A
BC-TC 20-40020kW0 - 400V0 - 63A
BC-TC 20-50020kW0 - 500V0 - 50A
BC-TC 20-60020kW0 - 600V0 - 40A
BC-TC 20-80020kW0 - 800V0 - 32A
BC-TC 20-100020kW0 - 1000V0 - 25A
BC-TC 20-120020kW0 - 1200V0 - 20A
BC-TC 32-5232kW0 - 52V0 - 700A
BC-TC 32-6532kW0 - 65V0 - 600A
BC-TC 32-10032kW0 - 100V0 - 400A
BC-TC 32-13032kW0 - 130V0 - 308A
BC-TC 32-20032kW0 - 200V0 - 200A
BC-TC 32-32032kW0 - 320V0 - 125A
BC-TC 32-40032kW0 - 400V0 - 100A
BC-TC 32-50032kW0 - 500V0 - 80A
BC-TC 32-60032kW0 - 600V0 - 64A
BC-TC 32-80032kW0 - 800V0 - 50A
BC-TC 32-85032kW0 - 850V0 - 50A
BC-TC 32-100032kW0 - 1000V0 - 40A
BC-TC 32-120032kW0 - 1200V0 - 33A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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