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Three Phase AC Voltage Source

EAC-TAVS: Three Phase AC Voltage Source
Max. Voltage Model 600Vrms
Min. Power Model 10kVA
Max. Power Model 500kVA
Technology Switch Mode
Output Phases 3

The EAC-TAVS is a series of programmable high power AC voltage sources. Each system provides a three phase true sinewave output as standard.

Each unit is built in a freestanding cabinet. The output frequency is adjustable in the range of 45 - 105Hz. Different frequency ranges are optional, with up to 805Hz possible. An RS-232 and CAN interface are provided as standard. The high resolution TFT front panel displays a host of measurement and setting functions. Besides standard models, other nominal power levels and voltages can be user specified. Single phase and bidirectional versions are available on request.

An external operating panel is available so that the TFT screen can be operated remotely. This is particularly useful where the power supply may be operating in a potentially hazardous environment, such as a test cell.

Product Family
 Part NumberMax PowerVoltage RangeCurrent
EAC-TAVS 10-15010kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 38.5A
EAC-TAVS 10-30010kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 19.2A
EAC-TAVS 10-60010kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 9.6A
EAC-TAVS 15-15015kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 57.7A
EAC-TAVS 15-30015kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 28.9A
EAC-TAVS 15-60015kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 14.4A
EAC-TAVS 20-15020kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 77A
EAC-TAVS 20-30020kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 38.5A
EAC-TAVS 20-60020kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 19.2A
EAC-TAVS 25-15025kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 96.2A
EAC-TAVS 25-30025kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 48.1A
EAC-TAVS 25-60025kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 24.1A
EAC-TAVS 30-15030kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 115.5A
EAC-TAVS 30-30030kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 57.7A
EAC-TAVS 30-60030kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 28.9A
EAC-TAVS 40-15040kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 154A
EAC-TAVS 40-30040kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 77A
EAC-TAVS 40-60040kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 38.5A
EAC-TAVS 50-15050kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 192.5A
EAC-TAVS 50-30050kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 96.2A
EAC-TAVS 50-60050kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 48.1A
EAC-TAVS 60-15060kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 230.9A
EAC-TAVS 60-30060kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 115.5A
EAC-TAVS 60-60060kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 57.7A
EAC-TAVS 80-15080kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 307.9A
EAC-TAVS 80-30080kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 154A
EAC-TAVS 80-60080kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 77A
EAC-TAVS 100-150100kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 384.9A
EAC-TAVS 100-300100kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 192.5A
EAC-TAVS 100-600100kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 96.2A
EAC-TAVS 120-150120kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 461.9A
EAC-TAVS 120-300120kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 230.9A
EAC-TAVS 120-600120kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 115.5A
EAC-TAVS 160-150160kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 615.8A
EAC-TAVS 160-300160kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 307.9A
EAC-TAVS 160-600160kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 154A
EAC-TAVS 200-150200kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 769.8A
EAC-TAVS 200-300200kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 384.9A
EAC-TAVS 200-600200kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 192.5A
EAC-TAVS 250-150250kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 962.3A
EAC-TAVS 250-300250kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 481.1A
EAC-TAVS 250-600250kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 240.6A
EAC-TAVS 330-150330kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 1270.2A
EAC-TAVS 330-300330kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 635.1A
EAC-TAVS 330-600330kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 317.5A
EAC-TAVS 400-150400kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 1539.6A
EAC-TAVS 400-300400kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 769.8A
EAC-TAVS 400-600400kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 384.9A
EAC-TAVS 500-150500kVA3 x 8 - 150Vrms3 x 1924.5A
EAC-TAVS 500-300500kVA3 x 15 - 300Vrms3 x 962.3A
EAC-TAVS 500-600500kVA3 x 30 - 600Vrms3 x 481.1A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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