3rd May 2022

New Grid Simulator Range

Our four quadrant grid simulators range has now been launched, with both single and three phase models available.

Four Quadrant SystemsA grid simulator allows users to investigate how changes to the mains voltage affects a grid connected device's behaviour in a closed circuit. Conditions which are commonly recreated include voltage dips, short interruptions and immunity to variations in voltage level.

Every grid simulator from ETPS provides 4 quadrant operation, with the ability to both sink and source AC power. Modular systems up to 1MVA are possible with a specialist GridSim GUI which allow relevant grid feed-in regulations to be programmed and tested including: CENELEC, DIN & IEC.

Other advanced features which are available in the range include adjustable power factor, individually programmable phases and simulated impedance to research renewable energy systems. If you have a programmable grid simulator requirement contact us today.


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