4th August 2021


Do you regularly need to test power devices with high dynamics? Perhaps you need versatile test equipment to cover all your engineering needs? New modular 18kW and 27kW bidirectional models have been released which could be the perfect solution.

Each power dense G5-RSS provides the ability to source or sink DC power up to high voltage and currents, ideal for cycling and emulating energy storage devices. Modules are available with nominals of 500V, 1000V and 1500V with a wide degree of current autoranging. Configurations up to 3000V are possible into the megawatt range.

Among the product's features is the ability to implement a programmable ripple, allowing an AC ripple on a DC battery link to be recreated. By using the embedded function generator the user can set a current ripple at up to 10kHz. The magnitude can be up to 5% of the nominal system current. Depending on the impedance of the DUT the resulting voltage ripple can be calculated.

G5-RSS: Key Features18kW G5-RSS Module

  • Sink/Source Voltages up to 3000V
  • Two Current Ranges for Higher Accuracy
  • Programmable Voltage and Current Ripple
  • Ultra-Fast Dynamic Behaviour
  • Mixed Power Nominals in Master/Slave

A current step between 90% sourcing to 90% sinking current can be as quick as 50μs. Switchable Output capacitance is also provided to improve stability when operating in constant voltage mode. This is particularly useful to assist the fast current demands when testing high speed electric drives, as some DUTs will be damaged if the voltage drops too low.

Modules can be arranged in series, parallel or matrix configurations. Users have the ability to connect units in master/slave with different nominal values. For example, a 18kW/500V module will connect in parallel with a 27kW/500V unit to provide 45kW/500V.

Each unit has an extensive feature set which includes programmable PID parameters and an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope. Adjustable power and resistance limits are provided, as well as a selection of remote control options including high-speed CAN. An intuitive operating GUI is standard which provides a variety of programming features and second level parameters, useful for optimising test processes.

To discuss how the G5-RSS can accelerate your testing contact ETPS today.

Possible 6 × 1500V/27kW Module Configurations
Possible 6 × 1500V/27kW Module Configurations


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