8th February 2022

Expanded Bidirectional DC Rental Range

Are you struggling to get capital expenditure approved for a bidirectional power system? Perhaps you require a temporary DC sink/source for a specific project? Then we have the answer.

Our rental range has continued to expand, with 3x bidirectional G5-RSS units added. Each module has DC source and sink nominals of 1000V/±162A/54kW, with master/slave configurations up to 1500V/±486A/162kW possible.

Each power dense module has an extensive feature set which includes programmable PID parameters and an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope. Adjustable power and resistance limits are provided. Analogue, ethernet, USB and a high-speed 1kHz CAN interface are standard with each system.

54kW G5-RSS-rG5-RSS: Key Rental System Features

  • Sink/Source Voltages up to 1500V
  • Two Current Ranges for High Accuracy
  • Programmable Ripple up to 10kHz
  • Ultra-Fast Dynamic Behaviour
  • Function Generator & Application GUIs

The G5-RSS's ultra-fast dynamics with switchable capacitance allows for accurate simulation of batteries and capacitors. A current step between 90% sourcing to 90% sinking can be as quick as 50µs, enabling high speed drives to be supplied.

A selection of application GUIs are provided with each unit for battery emulation/cycling, electric drive testing and photovoltaic simulation. An embedded function generator allows almost any complex DC waveform to be implemented. Parametric programming is possible, where instead of the time axis an input variable (VIN, IIN or PIN) can be selected.

Besides our new bidirectional modules we also provide a selection of rental DC and AC sources, as well as both DC and AC electronic loads. High voltage and high current models are both available. The full rental selection is available to view on our website.

To discuss how the G5-RSS can accelerate your testing contact ETPS today.

Possible Rental Configurations
Possible Rental Configurations


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