4th January 2024

DC Sources with Colour Touchscreen

Are you looking at upgrading your outdated DC power supplies to something more modern? Then our advanced series of LAB-HP programmable DC sources could be what you're looking for.

New LAB-HP Colour Touchscreen
New LAB-HP Colour Touchscreen

Each unit is now built with a large modern colour touchscreen as standard. This replaces the older blue LCD screen which has been synonymous with the range for many years. The new touchscreen display indicates all relevant output quantities simultaneously. Output values can be preset and read prior to releasing the output. Live graphs of voltage, current and power against time can also be viewed.

The LAB-HP is available in models from 3kW-504kW and features constant voltage and current operation. Each power supply also comes with adjustable resistance, constant power and PV simulation modes. RS-232, Ethernet and analogue interfaces are built into the systems as standard. A selection of additional remote control interfaces are available.

Inbuilt Graph Function
Inbuilt Graph Function

Each unit is provided with free operating software to view and control live voltage, current, power and resistance values. A sequencing mode allows complex DC waveforms to be programmed. The GUI also features a specialised PV simulation mode, which simulates a generator’s MPP tracking in both current and voltage modes. The software contains many pre-loaded solar panels.

A wide range of options are available including high speed models with secondary rise and fall time shortened by a factor of 10 and emergency stops. On request units can be fitted into a flight case or lab rack on castors for mobile operation. Basic integrations add less than 1 week to lead times.

If you have an urgent programmable power requirement, contact ETPS today.


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