8th November 2022

Application Key Switch for DC Systems

Do you regularly need to switch power equipment between common test configurations? Are you looking to minimise mistakes in your facility? Application key switches are now available for our G5 series of DC power systems, which could streamline your testing.

The physical switch is available with 2, 3 or 4 different operating positions. It can be included in cabinet integrations for G5-RSS bidirectional systems, G5-SOURCE DC sources and G5-REGEN electronic loads.

Each position of the switch will select between pre-configured V/I/W/R settings such as protection limits, slope reference values and whether the unit discharges to 0V at voltage off. Enabling/disabling voltage sense and reverse polarity protection can also be pre-programmed, as well as switching between high/low capacitance modes.

For example, a quality assurance department testing 400V and 800V xEV batteries could switch between the different battery nominals. The two positions would have all the relevant protection settings such as over and under voltage values, guarding against an incorrect voltage causing damage to the DUT. A previous example can be seen below, with 2 spare positions. Other common uses include switching between settings for battery emulation and battery cycling.

Application Key Switch for changing DC power system settingsThe positions can only be switched by a physical key. This ensures that only authorised members of staff can make the change, minimising the possibility of a mistake.

If you needed to regularly switch between more than four configurations, this is possible by using a remote control interface or the optional HMI. Selected configurations can be set to only be accessible or editable by advanced users, which require a password to do so. Advanced settings such as the fine tuning of PI parameters is also possible for each position.

Our modular G5 DC systems are available from 18kW up to 5MW. A wide variety of current and voltage nominals are possible up to 3kV/89kA. Key features include high dynamics as fast as 50µs, 3x autoranging, two current ranges for high accuracy and programmable ripple up to 10kHz. For more information about how a G5 system could simplify your test set-up, please contact us today.


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