4th January 2022

Advanced DC Loads Launch

Do you regularly need to load test high current or high voltage devices? Perhaps you need to perform a variety of battery discharge tests? Our new series of ELP-34000C programmable DC loads offer the perfect solution.

Units are available from 6kW up to 24kW, with nominals of 150V, 600V or 1200V. A master/slave interface allows for up to 8 systems to be paralleled up to 192kW. Asymmetric parallel connection is possible with loads of the same nominal voltage (e.g. 15kW and 24kW models can be used in master/slave).

Example of 4× 600V Units in Asymmetric Master/Slave
Example of 4× 600V Units in Asymmetric Master/Slave

Each system provides an extremely wide operating range. For example, the ELP-34324C can sink its full 96A nominal current from 1200V all the way down to 15V. A dual current range enables high accuracies in low current applications.

Nine different operating modes are provided. Standard short circuit, over current and power protection tests are perfect for characterising power supply behaviour and protection mechanisms. In dynamic mode adjustable rise, fall and plateau times allow accurate testing of products such as renewables converters.

150-state memory allows quick initialisation and limit-setting of the unit. A sequencing function can be implemented via the front panel. This allows stored settings to be implemented against time, enabling the unit to carry out state-dependant and complex test routines without the need for a computer interface.

The ELP-34000C also has multiple inbuilt battery discharge tests. Users can set a voltage threshold to stop the discharge, avoiding accidental damage to the battery under test. The display of the electronic loads include measurements for capacity in Ah, discharge time and voltage. 


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