21st March 2024

1200V Channel DC Recycling Systems

Do you regularly need to test high voltage devices such as EV batteries or electric drives? Perhaps you need to isolate bidirectional DC components and assemblies in a controlled test environment? Then we could have the perfect solution.

A selection of 1200V single channel LAB-SCUBI and two channel LAB-MOBI models have been released, at powers from 320kW to 1.3MW. Each bidirectional DC system operates as a programmable DC source or DC load with constant power, constant current, constant power and internal resistance functionality. Each channel is independently controllable for V/I/P when using multi-channel LAB-MOBI systems.

Power Recycling Between DC ChannelsOne interesting feature of LAB-MOBI systems is that energy can be recycled between channels above the unit’s nominal power. For example, a two channel 1200V/1200A/320kW system can sink up to 1.44MW in the first channel from a source such as a battery, and use the energy directly in the second. Ideal for sites with limited AC infrastructure. An example using a 1200V/1200A/320kW model is shown.

As standard the power systems operate in battery testing mode. A battery simulation mode is optionally available, providing users with higher capacitance and low voltage dip during current transients. Each system provides a highly stable output of ≤0.1% rms F.S. for both current and voltage, ideal for powering sensitive DUTs.

The high dynamics of the product families allow users to switch quickly and seamlessly between quadrants. This is particularly useful when performing tests on devices with fast current step changes such as super capacitors and electric motors. A typical time for a 10% to 90% load step in CC mode is less than 1ms assuming an ohmic load.

To further discuss how a LAB-SCUBI or LAB-MOBI could accelerate your test programme, contact ETPS today.


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