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Physics and Nuclear

Physics and Nuclear Applications

An Exact Science

Questions about how different types of matter interact with the universe remain at the frontier of scientific research. Experimental techniques continue to be developed to investigate new areas of antimatter and dark matter among others. Closer to home the Holy Grail is to develop a sustainable fusion reactor, which produces more energy than is used to initiate the fusion process.

All of these research applications require precise and reliable power equipment. Due to their exceptional technical features, systems from ETPS are used on a variety of prestigious scientific projects. Our bespoke range features ultra-stable voltage outputs up to 100kVdc. Common form factors such as rackmount, NIM, CAMAC, VME and euro cassette are all available.

Photodetection Applications

The exact nature of high energy physics experiments demands extremely sensitive and reliable detection equipment. Photodetectors have to be capable of recording data for individual photons. To function correctly, it's imperative these devices are powered by equally precise PSUs, such as those found in our high voltage range.

Each unit offers users high resolution of set and measurement values, with ripple and noise as low as <1mV. This ensures the PMT has the correct inter-electrode voltage, required to detect light across the electromagnetic spectrum. For highly sensitive detectors, precision modules with measured or set current resolution down to 100pA are possible.

Our range of 100V modules are specifically aimed at powering silicon photomultiplier tubes. Product families with this option include the HTP-NHS, HTP-VHS-4 and HTP-EHS-8-F6. We also cater for other PMT inputs, with typical voltage levels in the range of 1kV or 2kV. For larger installations, ETPS can provide multi-channel crate systems with up to 480 outputs.

Programmable inbuilt temperature compensation is available. Users can adjust the compensation voltage according to each °C of temperature, ideal for applications which are exposed to large environmental heat fluctuations. Up to 6 output channels can be fitted with different thermistors.

PMT Source

Besides detecting photons in PMTs, our HV sources can be used to power instruments that detect and measure ionising radiation. Common devices include ionisation chambers, gas electron multipliers, resistive plate chambers, micromegas and straw tube chambers.

Pulsed Power Supplies

Pulsed power is the process of releasing stored electrical energy over very short intervals. By doing so, a huge amount of peak power can be delivered to a load. The technique was first developed to power radar systems, but has since been adapted many times for different physics applications.

DC sources such as the LAB-TC are available with an embedded function generator. This allows the power supply to deliver bursts of energy over specific time periods. The programmability of the system makes it ideal for a variety of applications including high power lasers, electro magnets and generating plasma.

LAB-TC modules are also regularly used for nuclear fusion reactor research. The power supply provides controlled high current DC pulses to strategically placed coils around tokamak facilities. This creates a magnetic field to realign the position of the plasma, ensuring the plasma field doesn't move too close to the edge of the tokamak.

Pulsed Power

For higher voltage applications, HTP-HPx power supplies are available with outputs up to 100kV. The range features excellent repetition accuracies at high pulse frequencies. Optional ARC management functions allow certain units to provide up to 30 ARCs per second. Specific ramps can be set by plotting voltage and current against time.

Electron Beam & X-Ray Applications

In order to generate electron beams or X-rays, a precise kinetic energy is needed. This requires a power supply with a highly stable voltage and fast electrical arcing capability. The HTP-HPx has a voltage stability of up to 0.01% as standard. An optional ultrafast ARC Management function provides full arc recovery in less than 5ms.

A special inbuilt filament power supply is available for the HTP-HPx, which provides heating and emission currents for electron guns. This allows a whole set-up to be powered by a single system. Each filament provides a high current 500W output as standard, with other outputs available. Two separate filaments can be installed into one power supply for selected models.

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